Welcome to the windy city…

by agirlandhermutt on September 5, 2009

Can I get some type of award? The Scientist and I managed to see everything on my list of “must see” sites and even fit in a few surprises! Come along for the ride.

Day One

First View of Chicago









We got into Chicago around noon or so. After a quick stop by the hotel to check-in, we quickly made our way down to the famous Gino’s East for lunch. Gino’s is known for their deep dish pizza and I’ve been told many (Many, many, many) times that this place is a can not miss. “It’s the only way to eat pizza in Chicago!”

Gino’s East












When we got down to ordering we decided on the small 1/2 4-cheese and 1/2 crumbled sausage. The plan was to satisfy the whole team. Did you know that deep dish pizza takes about 45 minutes to cook? I did not. Why is it that no one mentions this when they tell you about the can not miss pizza place? I told The Scientist that he was looking mighty tasty and I was contemplating gnawing on his arm.

They weren’t kidding about that deep dish pizza. Its like a little swimming pool of dough! Unfortunately…now brace yourself…it wasn’t my favorite. We agreed that the pizza was just “eh”. Definitely worth the experience but not worth a return visit. Is it considered blasphemy to say I didn’t enjoy Gino’s?! Maybe this is a sign that I’m not meant to live in Chicago?!

After lunch we had to get a move on to work off that deep dish. The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a stroll along Ohio St. beach and in Olive Park.

One of the top places for us to visit was Wrigley Field. The Scientist is a fan of any and all sports and I’m a fan of tourist traps. We hopped on the El (going the correct way the very first time, thank you very much!) and headed out to Wrigleyville.
Fortunately for us (unfortunately for big Cubs fans), the Cubs are kind of crappy this year so tickets were super easy to get. We walked up to the ticket window and became the proud owners of 2 tickets to that nights Cubs vs. Astros game.
And surprise, surprise…The Cubs won! I’m a good luck charm. 😉









We ended the night by walking around the Wrigleyville area. Once we were sufficiently creeped out we headed back to the hotel and completely crashed!

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