Fine Wine on a Tight Budget…

by agirlandhermutt on September 15, 2009

“Come quickly! I am tasting stars!”  
~Dom Perignon while taking his first sip of champagne

For the past few months Jen, Cathy and I have been filling our head to the brim with wine knowledge at the Boston Wine School in Allston. We started off with the Fine Wine on a Tight Budget class, moved on to a few Beer 101 classes, and worked our way through the Chateau de Sancerre class. Unfortunately, Jen will be moving away from us shortly (BOOOOOO!!!!) so we wanted to make sure to round out the coursework with another Fine Wine…Tight Budget class.

The objective of the class is to find some great wines at a decent price, which means $10 or so and under. Do you think we just drank Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joes (aka Charles Shaw wine)? You are not alone in your expectations. I think most people who go to this class are concerned that we will end up spending 2 hours exploring the entire collection. BUT surprise, surprise…There are MANY great wines out there disguised as bargain deals. 

Last night we dined on some great cheeses and delved into the world of Rodney Strong, Hob Nob, and  yes…even a little Charles Shaw. Of the 8 wines we tried I ended liking 3 and falling in *LOVE* with one. 

The ultimate wine for the night was described as “Old World affordable”. Its a French wine on a California budget. Hob Nob is a great winery whose US parter is the well known Yellow Tail. The minute I read that I kind of scrunched up my nose. I’m not a huge Yellow Tail fan and this wine was also a dreaded Chardonnay. Hmmm…

So I was served. I sniffed. I swished. I savored. And an amazing thing happened. Fireworks started to go off! Once the wonderful chardonnay hit my mouth I was instantly transported to some cupcake bakery where I could taste the butter, frosting, and cake. It was like a party in my mouth and all for $8.99! 

Of the 4 of us, 2 had the right opinion (we like it, of course!) and 2 did not care for it so much. I think the exact word Cathy used was “blech”. Apparently didn’t hear that this fantastic wine was $8.99. I guess not everyone can have great taste. 😉 I’m kiddin’…kind of. 

During our wine tour we traveled through California, over to France, made a little stop in Argentina, and come back to the good ol’ USA. All of this in the span of 2 hours. Not such a bad way to spend a Monday night, right?!

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