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by agirlandhermutt on February 18, 2010

All about my Dad’s visit! For the past few years my Dad has come to visit me during the weekend of the Avon Walk. We always have a great time, but because of the time commitment the walk took we rarely had much time for just “hanging out”. Enter my mom. She gave my Dad a fun trip to visit at the beginning of February! Complete with a trip to snowmobile. How great is that?! Big thanks to Mum!

Anywho…my dad came to visit. Our weekend was full of eating great food, doing fun outdoor things, and tons of laughing.

We started off with a trip to North Conway, NH.

First thing on the agenda? Snowshoeing at Great Glen Trails.

The views of the White Moutains were absolutely gorgeous! Uber cold, but totally awesome scenery.
As always, I learn something new every time I am with my Dad. This time I learned that my Dad’s nose that I lovingly refer to as “growing at a rapid pace” and “getting bigger as he gets older” is…wait for it…the exact same nose I have! I have always thought I have my Mom’s nose but apparently I am just years away from having the same schnauz as my Dad.
Dad’s Nose
My goodie
Wow. Just wow. 😉
After a long day of snowshoeing, Dad and I hit up Flatbread Pizza Company for some pizza and wine. Their pizza is made of organic and local products and cooked in a wood fired oven. Have you ever enjoyed goat cheese on your pizza? Well, I’m just saying you should. Do it! Do it now! Kidding…at least wait until you finish reading this blog.
Can you spy the tell tale sign that I tried *both* of the wines?
Goat cheese, kalamata olives and crimini mushrooms…yum-my!

We kind of enjoyed the pizza. I’ll let you guess whether or not the glasses were just as empty as our plate.
The next morning Dad and I were up at the crack of dawn to get down to business and do what we came to New Hampshire to do…Snowmobile! Last year we went on our wave running tour so this year we took it to the snow.
Lil’ Man Snowmobile Rentals had a good deal that let us rent one snowmobile for full price and get the 2nd snowmobile 1/2 off if we showed up by 9a. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to get up and get going.
Our snowmobile trails went through White Mountain National Forrest which means that yet again the scenery was absolutely fantastic, but it was ccccooooollllldddd. I’m pretty sure I got some icicles on my teeth.

Dad says hello from New Hampshire!

Ok, how cool do I look?!

If you remember from previous posts, I went on a little wine tour of New Hampshire in the Fall. Since I knew were a few vineyards were located I popped by one with my Dad to do a little tasting.

Once we got back to Boston Dad and I endulged in a little more eating (and maybe some more wine!) and got ready for another busy day. I had gotten tickets for the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science for Saturday morning.
Although I don’t think my Dad is the biggest Harry Potter fan, I do know that he enjoyed the movies and appreciates all the work that went into making them as magical as possible. Unforunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but we did take some photos in the museum.
Dad is in Boston AND Cambridge!

View from the museum. Brrr.

In between all of this fun that we had, we also did some hard work. We walked our miles every day, including the 8 miles on Sunday and 5 miles on Saturday. My Dad is a training machine!

Spending a weekend with my Dad was just fantastic. Mucho thanks to my Mom for sending him up this way! The next time he is in Boston it will be for the big walk…get ready for Team M&M!

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