Are you ready NYC?! (Day 111)…

by agirlandhermutt on April 22, 2010

I’m so excited to be in NYC! Five things made me instantly happy when I got here.

1. Meg’s apartment is AWESOME. Location, location, location!
2. She has a doorman. I don’t know why this is so exciting to me, but it is. I NEED a doorman.
3. I stopped by the CVS in her building and saw one of the Top Chef Masters contestants shopping (Carmen Gonzalez)!
4. Meg lives across the street from some fantastic bars.
5. I discovered Gramercy Park, which apparently requires a key to get into.

Just so everyone knows, I validated that I did actually see Carmen by checking her Twitter. Someone else had run into her and her dog and she was also asking for restaurant suggestions in the Gramercy area. I love celebrity sightings!

The signage by Gramercy Park. Don’t bother the rich!

My view of the tulips, from behind the bars.
You can fence me out but you can’t fence my camera!
Just waiting for Meg to get off work and get to dinner. Stay tuned for more photos!

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