Saturday Sightings (Day 127)…

by agirlandhermutt on May 8, 2010

There are very few places in the world that can elicit such an excited “YES!” when asked if I want to go there. IKEA is definitely one of them. For some reason, IKEA makes me happy.

I’ve been suggesting that an IKEA trip was in order for a few weeks now. It was kind of a gross day outside this morning so The Scientist, his bro, and I got on our way to get our IKEA on. BUT first! I took my car to be detailed and get my last endurance walk out of the way. Just a small 5-miler. On the way back to my house I passed by this little collection.

This is not outside of a business or school. It is outside of one of my neighbor’s house. Who needs this many monitors at one time?! Interesting. Very, very interesting.

So I went to IKEA with one piece of furniture in mind and one accessory. I’m perfectly aware that I would walk out with much more, but I HAD to get these two things or it would be a failure trip.

Table lamp
My final IKEA report…after 4 hours in the store I came home with not only the bookshelf and lamp, but also a few mixing bowls, a large pot, TONS of placemats, some random bowls, and a bunch of frames. The Scientist’s bro also got a few things so the Hyundai was packed to the brim. Yay for a successful Ikea trip!
To cap off a long shopping trip we all went out for some Shabu Shabu and drinks. 
My veggie platter. I went for the kimchi broth. Nice and spicy!
Plum wine and some extra mushroom balls please!
The Scientist and Brother’s Meatextravaganza. 
Thank goodness for separate broths.
The aftermath. How disgusting are we?!
Solid meal and due to the steaming broth I will be able to smell it the rest of the night in my hair. Yummy, huh? 
Early morning tomorrow. I have some furniture to put together!
G’night kids!

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