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by agirlandhermutt on May 14, 2010

Dad and I did some walking around in Back Bay before stopping by the Avon Walk’s Event Eve. He later mentioned that we probably walked around for 1 hour and didn’t actually go into one store. I beg to differ…

I took him into a store to take this picture. 🙂 How great are all those old sewing machines? Apparently I’m not the only with this idea because right after this photo was snapped the security guy told me that I needed to take photos from outside. Boooo on him.

We also ran across these cuties in the Public Garden. Mommy Duck was high alert while we watched.
It was finally time to get down to business and start what Dad came to town for…the Avon Walk! Event Eve is always on the Friday night before the walk. It gives people who haven’t “checked in” online already the chance to do it in person. Dad and I had already checked in but wanted to pick up his fundraising incentive prize, a cool hat. Thank goodness we did everything online because it was PACKED and it was only 2pm!
The line for checking in. By the time we left it was wrapped all the way around.
Avon Walk sponsor, Reebok, had a little store set-up.
After a nice day of relaxing around town and packing for our weekend Dad and I went down to Maggiano’s for our annual night before the walk pasta dinner. Is it a sign that Team M&M got M&M wine glasses?

Tomorrow morning is the big day! We start our quest to complete 39.3 miles in 2 days and raise awareness for all the work that Avon Walk for Breast Cancer does! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and no blisters.

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