All about books (Day 143)…

by agirlandhermutt on May 24, 2010

It is about to get nutty in this neck of the woods. I start back to school today! Did you know I was in school? I am and it stinks. I hope to be done by December of this year. I probably have the longest Masters program in history! I will spare you the ins and outs of Business Research Design. Be VERY thankful!

Tonight was book club, which I always enjoy. I have a few little rules that I have to follow on Book Club day.

1. I only eat out for lunch 1x a week. For money and calorie reasons.
2. If I know I am eating out for dinner, then no eating out for lunch.

It takes a little planning on my part, but it makes me feel better in the end.

Since I was eating at Fajitas & ‘Ritas tonight, I brought my lunch. Check out my cute little lunch bag today. It is actually a reusable grocery bag from Whole Foods, but its super tiny.

Inside was a few of my favorite items. Chobani yogurt, Progresso Tomato Rotini soup, an orange and my can’t-live-without-it seltzer. 
I was a little nervous peeling this orange. I was afraid I would have a repeat offender of my nasty orange. But alas…I did not! So pretty.
My fun lunch held me over until BOOK CLUB! This month was Snake Hips by Anne Thomas Soffee
Each month we pick a different restaurant to meet and chat. This month was Fajitas & ‘Ritas. I’ll be honest. This isn’t my fave place. My meal has never been that good and the drinks just are a bit “eh”. I decided I would go with what seemed the most simple and picked nachos. At this joint you pick your toppings. I added cucumbers, olives, and guac. This is what came out.
Are they trying to kill me?! Can you even see nacho chips under there? Fortunately there were TONS of cucumbers on there for me to enjoy.Note to self: I enjoy cucumber on EVERYTHING.
One thing F&R has going for it is it’s ambiance and style. Very cool interior! Oh, and that blur is my Endurance buddy, Kyle
I love the graffiti feel of the whole place. They even have paper tablecloths that you can draw all over. Give me a pen and paper and I’ll doodle all day for you.
Book review: Pretty good! It dragged a little at times. She is a really verbose writer and at times it could be a little too much. I loved how obsessive she became about belly dancing before she event stated. I deal with that myself when it comes to hobbies and things I am interested in. Would I recommend it? Probably not, but if you picked it up you would enjoy it.
It is crazy that I just got home at 8p and it still is light out. I have a little gardening to do before heading inside for the night!

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