Masa! (Day 158)…

by agirlandhermutt on June 7, 2010

Tonight was a lovely night out with Christie and Karen. This past week Karen and I ran through our list of restaurant choices and both agreed that Masa, a southwestern tapas bar, was the perfect spot to grab a drink and do some gabbing.

We started off with some good ol’ fashioned Sangria. Has anyone noticed how fast it goes down? I could barely grab my camera before it was gone.

Masa has a great bar deal where you get one of each of their tapas for half off (just $5!). There is a nice mix of meat and veggie options. Again, I was a little slow and you can see someone grabbed a bite from one or two of these before I got a photo. Sneaky, sneaky.
In record time we were DONE. My fave tapa was this sweet potato and artichoke croquette. 
I wasn’t starving by the time our meals came out so I was uber glad that I got a soup and side item. My sopa was an avocado mixture. I honestly can’t remember what was in it and while it was good, it didn’t have the most flavor in the world. To compliment my soup I went with a side of Yukon gold potatoes and wild mushrooms. The mushrooms were SO good. I sometimes forget how much I enjoy this little fungus.
Karen and Christie both went for the BBQ Mac & Cheese. Why did Masa have to ruin a perfectly good idea by adding chorizo into it?

Christie is our resident wine expert. Since the sangria was flowing a bit too easily we decided to complete our dishes with a bottle of Malbec. I love this Crios Malbec. So yummy!
I love going out to dinner and drinks with these girls. My abs hurt sometimes because I laugh so hard with them. Can I count that as a workout? 😉
Not to shabby of an ending to a Monday, right? 
Have a good night kids! 

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