Sweet Tomatoes (Day 174)…

by agirlandhermutt on June 21, 2010

Nah…I don’t mean the restaurant. It just seemed to be the theme for my night. Sweet AND Tomatoes. Mmm..

I met up with my friend, Christie, for some dinner and drinks down in her neck of the woods by the Waterfront. I’ve been dying to try out a few of the recently opened bars in the Westin Hotel and despite the heat, it ended up being a perfect night for some patio dining.

After weighing our options we decided to give Birch Bar a try. The website describes the bar as “Refined & Sophisticated”. Hello? That is how I would describe Christie and I. Ha. Can you hear me laughing from where you are?!

They were celebrating the grand opening of the patio for the season tonight.

In honor of the patio opening they had a great deal where some drinks and meals were $4/each. I’m pumped for cheap food. Doesn’t it just make you smile?!

I started out with the Signature Waterfront Sangria.

Remember how I said some of the items were just $4? Well, this little carafe was one of the deals. If the Birch Bar offered this deal every day I would move into the hotel and eat there everyday. You think I’m being dramatic, but it is a true story.

For my meal I started with the Tureen Tomatillo Gazpacho. This dish was HUGE. The garlic and tomatillos included gave the soup a great bite and flavor. Fantastic! There is a definite need to make this at home.

I also went for a $4 Lobster Quiche with green salad.

Birch Bar had Christie when she saw they had a 3-Cheese Burger. Can you ever have enough cheese?

To finish our meal we were treated to some complimentary cupcakes. Free. Cupcakes. Perfect combo!

They all had a yummy filling and we did some serious DAMAGE to these suckers.

As we were finishing our dinner the sun was setting and made for a beautiful setting.

Good food. Good Atmosphere. FANTASTIC company!

Have a great night kids!

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Michelle June 25, 2010 at 5:55 am

That is the coolest wrap/bag/package/whatever for fries I have ever seen. What a cute idea!

And those cupcakes are beautiful!! I want to be a pastry chef when I grow up so I can make happy cupcakes like that. I always start out with good intentions, but mine never end up that pretty.


agirlandhermutt June 25, 2010 at 8:08 pm

I can’t make cupcakes for anything. Its the frosting that gets me every time!

And isn’t the wrap cool? I love the idea too.


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