Rubbing the Buddha…

by agirlandhermutt on June 29, 2010

I think we can all agree that at one point in our life there is a restaurant for whatever reason grabs a hold of us and becomes “special”. It could be because of a birthday party, first date, anniversary dinner or a variety of other reasons. For me, Jae’s Sushi was special because it was one of the first sushi places in Boston that I tried and truly learned to *enjoy* sushi. My former roommate, Marlene, and I would go on a Sunday night for our very own Sushi Sunday.

However, like many great restaurants, they begin to fade. Jae’s started to feel not quite the same and the food wasn’t what I remembered. I vowed to not return. Until today…

Welcome Buddachen! The owner of Jae’s redesigned and reopened the restaurant. Today Marlene and I got together to put them to a test.

I arrived early and enjoyed a drink at the bar while waiting.

I also did some exploring and checking out the new digs.

The inside had a totally different vibe on the inside and felt much sleeker, but it was definitely the same restaurant. I liked the setup though.

When Mar arrived we got down to business with some edamame and wine.

Then we moved on to a seaweed salad. I love the sweet flavor of the seaweed and combo of texture with the sesame seeds.

The sushi rolls in the mix were the classic: Spicy Tuna roll, Avocado Roll and Volcano Maki.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Volcano Maki

Avocado Roll

It was nice to check back in with the restaurant, but I doubt I’ll be back. The rolls were about average and didn’t really seem worth the extra bucks compared to the quality I get at my local sushi joint, SuperFusion.

HOWEVER! I did get to spend some quality time with Marlene and that made for a stellar evening.

We agreed that we would do this sooner rather than later!

Hope you all had a great night!

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