Put on your dancing shoes…

by agirlandhermutt on July 10, 2010

These are my dancing shoes for the night. Dig ‘em?

It has been a really busy week for myself and The Scientist. I had to take a minute to realize that it was just a 4 day week because I felt like I had been at work for months on end with no break.  Since it had been quite hectic over the past few days we decided that we would take the night to grab some dinner and drinks and as The Scientist says “Put on your dancing shoes”. 😉

BUT first! I had to deal with this whole heat and me dying in my apartment situation. I think the complaining must have gotten to Mom and Pops Morgan because when I got home yesterday I was greeted by a GIANT portable air conditioner. I didn’t even get changed out of my work clothes before I set this baby up.

Look how beautiful it is! My WHOLE apartment has cooled down and the apartment just seems happier. I think I even got a little smile out of Kork.

Air conditioned apartment…check. It was time to get going for a night out.

The Scientist and I headed down to South Boston/Waterfront area because there is a bar there that I have been DYING to try. Our first pit stop was Barlow’s for a bite to eat.

Barlow’s is a great neighborhood restaurant with exposed brick walls, several tvs, and a basic American type food menu.

As soon as we took a seat we ordered up some Sangria to share and I got an order of gazpacho in. Gazpacho is becoming my new quest. If I see it on the menu, I have to try it. This is getting tough because I currently have quests for veggie burgers and lobster rolls too.

Unfortunately, their gazpacho didn’t quite measure up to the Birch Bar’s version and it certainly didn’t have the kick that my own does!

The Scientist ordered the pork sliders and I, of course, went for the veggie burger.

Their veggie burger is a three grain burger and includes tzatztki sauce. What an interesting, in a good way, combo! The burger crumbled a little more than I would like but it had so much flavor and texture that I didn’t mind one bit!

The only complaint I have, and it is shared by The Scientist, was that we felt so HEAVY when we left here. I’m not sure if it the oil that is used or what, but we felt like we could have napped in the car for a bit before heading to our next stop.

We trucked through though and walked a few blocks to end up at our ultimate destination, Drink.

This bar’s claim to fame is that it is a hidden bar that is home to the best bartenders around. Just give them an idea of the type of drink you like, a spirit that you enjoy, or a flavor that you are digging and they will create a custom drink for you. Sounds neat huh?

My custom order: I need an egg white cocktail that does NOT include Gin (blech!).

The result: A cognac based drink that had bitters, egg whites, and other things I can’t remember. It was tart, frothy and magical.

The bartenders were exact in their concoctions and everything was tidy! I loved that they used fresh fruit, fresh mint and I could watch as they made the drinks.

The bar was PERFECT for people watching and I probably asked the bartender about 10 times “Whatcha making?” He didn’t seemed annoyed one single time to tell me what he was doing! Score!

I watched as the bartender did his best impression of Tom Cruise in Cocktail as he mixed, shaked, and poured. I kept seeing him make one particular drink over and over and I was entranced.

Hello El Diablo.

A combo of tequila, creme de cassis, lime juice and Drink’s homemade ginger beer. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. It was a sipping drink for sure. No gulping in these neck of the woods. The Scientist was jealous of my ginger beer drink and got his own version of a Dark n’ Stormy drink.

Stellar drinks. Fun night out. Good company. A great start to what is sure to be a nice relaxing weekend.

Question of the day: What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or non)? Any good drink recipes you want to share?!

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