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by agirlandhermutt on October 1, 2010

First things first…

I didn’t make it to Round 3 of Project Food Blog. *Insert dramatic sad face* No tears needed though. Before I even started this adventure I told myself that my one goal was to get through Round 1. I honestly didn’t think I would make it that far. Seriously 1,885 contestants and only 400 advanced? Pssh. No way. BUT! I did make it through. And I made cheese. Hell…who makes their own cheese?! I also discovered some amazing bloggers and learned so much. I’m blown away by the creativity in the kitchen, photography skills, and writing abilities that these folks have.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank ALL OF YOU for being so supportive of my posts and voting. It really means a lot to see all of you cheering for me! High Five to Me AND YOU!

Ready to get on with things? Today is a good day for a Friday Five! It is rainy in Boston and I am dying for a mood lifter.

1.  I’m obsessed with all of the new Vera Bradley colors. Seriously.In.Love.

I have a really obscene obsession with Vera. One that I kind of don’t want to admit because I’m afraid that my loved ones (*coughMOM&DADcough*) won’t help me indulge. In addition to bags, I love all accessories. This is just a sample of the goodies I have in my house.

No one can accuse me of being afraid of color or patterns, could they?! Even my couch looks like it popped out of the Vera catalog. I’m a nut case.

2. My dog. Korky is an old dog. Fortunately, just like his mother, he gets cuter with age. ;)

Ahem. He also has a little less shame than he used to. This is not something that he gets from his mother. I promise.

He also thinks he is the King of the Castle. He may be right.

3. I’m digging Ok Go more and more. Their videos can keep me entertained for hours! The Scientist and I saw them perform at the Life Is Good Festival and they are a blast! You can see all the fun we had here. This video reminds me of the game MouseTrap. Will someone please play a board game with me?!

4. Truffles. I made truffles. Yes, I will give away the recipe. All in good time my friends. All in good time. ;)

5.  My AGAHM tshirts. I think I forgot to show these a while ago so I wanted to share them now. My parents had these made for me! I went into my closet when I was home visiting my parents and found them just hanging there. I am SO lucky to have so much support from them when it comes to my interests. :) This girl…lucky!

Last, but certainly not least…the winner of my spicy giveaway this week. Beth is the hottie winner! Beth, email me your contact info. :)

Ahh…I feel better after such a positive post. This weekend is promising to be full of school work (almost done with my class!), a food festival, and hopefully some fun at the gym.

Question of the day: Have you won anything major? Like the lottery? A contest? A trip? I once won an Atari as a kid. I was so psyched until I realized that Atari wasn’t nearly as cool as Nintendo. ;)

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