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by agirlandhermutt on December 21, 2010

I’m writing to you 30,000 feet in the air on my flight out of Boston down to Florida. Today I’m totally thankful for the small things…like my little netbook and free wifi on my plane! It was a bit icy out there this morning so I was also just happy to be on a plane to ANYWHERE warm.


Despite my need for anywhere warm, Christmas ain’t Christmas until I’m snug as a bug at my parents house. I sometimes wonder if that will ever change and then I realize…nope. I’m an only child! Going back to Florida is the only time when it gets to be all about ME, ME, ME! (kidding…kind of).

Since The Scientist and I both have families that we like to attend to and they don’t live in the same city, we always manage to celebrate in Boston before jetting out of town.  Although I’m never at my house on Christmas Day, I do enjoy all the decorations that go with the holiday. I *might* have had a Christmas tree up in my house for a full year once. What?! Its not creepy. Its festive!

The first few Boston Christmas Dinners were at my old apartment. The living room was about 20 degrees thanks to steam heat and drafty windows, but the tree was all lit up and the food was warm. We had a good ol’ fashioned peel n’ eat dinner, complete with shrimp and crab claws.

When I moved to my current place, the tree found its way to its home. The living room was warm, the tree was bright, and the stockings were hung. The Christmas Nook was born. (By the way, anyone notice I never get the top of the tree in the photo? What is that about? Am I discriminating against the tall?! I swear this sucker had a top!)

Then The Great Flood of 2010 happened. The tree met its demise in a pool of water in my basement. I thought about replacing it this season, but honesty, the thought of dragging that tree from Home Depot to my house and then putting it up kind of made me want to lay on the floor and nap. Instead I went a slightly smaller route. 3.5 feet smaller to be exact.

Say hello to the Christmas Nook 2010.  Not quite as impressive, but warm and lovely just the same.  Big Ups to Martha Stewart’s Christmas line at Home Depot. She saved the holiday decorations this year.

That little glowing thing on the right hand corner is my tart warmer. Christmas Cookie scents without the hassle of actually making them. Does anyone else use these? My mom is convinced I am going to burn down my house (probably for good reason), so she bought me a few of these. I actually love them more than any candle I’ve ever had! You will also notice that I have 3 stockings. 1. ME! 2. Korky 3. The Scientist.

This year we had our annual Christmas Dinner on Saturday night.  The Scientist came over a bit early to help me cook and get prepared.

We had a little help from this too. Goose Island’s Night Stalker is KILLER. Must have more often. Seriously.

I have yet to master the art of cooking for just two when it comes to holiday meals.  Good thing we had The Scientist’s brother to help us chow down.

Our menu consisted of:
-Soy Ginger Garlic Glazed Grilled Tuna
-Shrimp Kabobs
-Green Bean Casserole
-Shells & Cheese
-Coconut Cake

There was some eggnog, wine, and a few ciders consumed too. Deeeelish.

We spent the evening just chatting, eating and drinking in front of my “fire” with a little Michael Buble in the background. Christmas Dinner 2010=Success!

Afterwards we opened up gifts. My favorite!

Korky got his gift first. A new toy! He is the worst little puppy player ever. He is such an only dog.  So pathetic! 😉

I think we both enjoyed our gifts to the max. The Scientist was the recipient of two tickets to a Celtics game in January! I didn’t want to just hand him a print out of the tickets receipt so I made some “tickets”.


I became the proud owner of something many women would cringe at. However, The Scientist listens carefully and heard me loud n’ clear.


UPDATE: As I finish writing this I am in the ATL airport. This little airport has become my flying home. I’ve been here more than 4 times this year and still have one more visit before the end of the year. Fun fact. 🙂

QOTD: Are you ready for Christmas? Is all your holiday shopping done?!

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