Trip 1 Recap: Welcome to SF!

by agirlandhermutt on May 23, 2011

One of my favorite aspects of living in Boston is that it is so easy to fly places! I love non-stop flights more than you can imagine. The Scientist and I were packed and ready to go on our afternoon flight to San Francisco. The plane was a full house, including a men’s rugby team. Yay? Then a miracle happened…ONE person didn’t show up. Hello empty middle seat!

The Scientist enjoyed watching movies on his iPad and I enjoyed bugging him every 5 minutes with something funny I read on my Kindle or saw on tv. Who doesn’t want to travel with that?! Winking smile

Finally we arrived in SF with a smile on our faces and we were ready to go! The weather was beautiful and the sun was just starting to set when we came in around 7:30p. Woot!

Our hotel was in Union Sq area. There were plenty of people out and about and the vibe was just fantastic. We were starvin’ marvin’ so we decided to throw our bags down and head out to scavenger for food.

Hello thai food. We hopped into Chabba Thai Cuisine. The place was small, but smelled wonderful.

Tom Yum soup (for two!); Tofu Pad Thai


I loved the little artistic touch on my Thai Iced Tea. Why thank you very much!

As much as we wanted to walk around and soak in the city we were just exhausted. Went back to get some solid shut eye and gear up for the first big day in SF.

SUNSHINE! I hopped out of bed ready to take on the day…and the cable car! When I go on vacation I always try to make a list of things I CAN NOT MISS. If I don’t get to anything else that is ok as long as I make these. My list included the Golden Gate Bridge, eating sushi, and riding a cable car.

Any busy day needs to be fueled with a great breakfast. Farm:Table did just that for us. This little nook of a restaurant is home to just one communal table that seats 8. You have to hit them at just the right time or be prepared to get your meal to go. (Yelp Review)

We grabbed two seats that the table and checked out the uber cute chalkboard menu. They don’t have a huge selection of choices, but the choices they do have all sound delish. Each day they announce their fresh menu via Twitter.

We both ordered the hard boiled egg over a baguette with carmelized onions, feta, bacon and arugula. One of these was minus the bacon. Winking smile It was paired with a frothy milk and honey. So delish!

After we ate the real fun started. First stop…the cable car! The Scientist snagged two coveted spots on the side of the car so I could hang off the side and pretend I was in some cheesy rice-a-roni commercial.

We ended up at Fisherman’s Wharf and started our journey to the Golden Gate Bridge. The Scientist has been to SF a few times and had a path in mind for us to get there. I am a follower. True story. The day was pretty and the views were too.

Once we hit the bridge we walked about halfway across. I am absolutely in love with bridges. There is something so fantastic and amazing about a structure going across water.

From there we hopped on the bus and headed down to Golden Gate Park and then took a walk through Haight/Ashbury. By about 1pm we had covered 4 or so miles by foot and I was ex-haust-ed! I get cranky when I’m hungry so The Scientist located some grub and beer for us. Good job! Lunch=Magnolia, a gastropub with a healthy beer list.

I opted for a pomegranate cider and an eggplant sandwich. We split the ceasar salad. Although the food was good, I don’t think it is necessarily a place that would be on my regular restaurant rotation if I lived in the area. It just didn’t seem all that memorable. However, I would definitely recommend this place as a pit stop for a drink. Great beer selection and decent prices! (Yelp Review)

We were practically in a food coma so we took a few steps back to the Golden Gate Park to soak up some sun and let our food settle before heading over to our next adventure. Some of us rested more than others. *Sneakyphotographer!*

Our next stop was one of the main tourist spots I was hoping to hit during our trip…Lombard Street! I’m obsessed with this road for some reason. It is only one block on a steep steep street that is filled with tight tight turns, but it is awesome to see in person. I thought it was hysterical watching people take photos of a road and seeing the line of drivers waiting to go down the famous street. I was just giddy after walking to the top of the road!

After a busy day of sightseeing and a full day of me yelling to The Scientist, “Oh! Look over there! Oh! Look at this!”, we were both pooped. We headed back to our hotel for a nap and to gear up for a night out. When we finally woke up we were sore for our mega walking (over 6 miles) and I was craving Mexican food. We hit up Tropisueno for some drinks and dinnah, all which were fantastic. I was enjoying our meal so much that I totally forgot to take photos. It was cheesy and delicious. Trust me. (Yelp Review)

Back to the hotel after dinnah to rest up for Day 2!

  At the start of Day 2 we set out in quest of the best Dim Sum that SF had to offer. I love visiting a big city’s Chinatown. Unfortunately the place that I picked managed to be one of the dim sum joints NOT in Chinatown. Figures. Yank Sing was quite tasty and the service was way above average, but this place was WAY TO PRICEY. It was almost $60 for our brunch. Typically we can eat with about 3 people for around $30. Double the price for not the same amount of food…no thanks!

The previous day’s walking adventure left both of us a little pooped so we decided to get aboard one of those hop-on/hop-off tours and just not hop-off till the end of the tour. I tried to hide from a little from everyone but I was caught. Who doesn’t love playing around at an outdoor market?!

The rest of the day we cruised around town on the top of a double-decker bus. That sucker was like a little ride. At one point we even got on the highway and went through a wind tunnel. Can you imagine what my hair looked like after that experience? Whoa. Not a good look. We did get some good views though, especially of all the fun and colorful houses! Can you guess which picture appears in the beginning of a famous tv show?!

At the end of the tour we were ready to do a little walking around and possibly find a little beer. Success at 21st Amendment in the SOMA area.

Tip: Make sure you taste the Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer at some point in your life. Even if you don’t like watermelon (which I don’t) this sucker is refreshing and fantastic in a glass. Oh, and make sure you pair it with the beer battered onion rings. Mmmm…


With our bellies full of lovely beer we decided to head back to the hotel for a little R&R. It had started to rain and suddenly the fun of SF wasn’t so fun. Is it still considered a nap if you sleep for 2 hours?! Well, lets just say it is because that is exactly how long we slept. We woke up groggy and HUNGRY. We went out in search of sushi. I can sniff out sushi like a mouse in a maze looking for cheese.

Just around the corner we discovered Ryoko’s, which served quality sushi (according to Yelp) until 2am. Done and Done. We found ourselves in a little basement bar/restaurant with DJ Chino spinning music and enjoying mega sushi rolls. Hello happy!

After sushi we headed back to our hotel, which just so happened to be home to a little bar. After a drink and a little people watching we turned in for the night. We had to gear up for our wine tasting extravaganza!

San Francisco Sightseeing Goals=CHECK!

Thanks for reading this UBER long post. Hope you enjoyed seeing my adventures in SF. Stay tuned for my recap of the first part of our wine tasting trip on Wednesday!

Random Question of the Day: Do you prefer tours or just exploring on your own when you visit a new city?!

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Tiffany @ Simply Shaka May 23, 2011 at 5:05 pm

Men’s rugby team? No pics—wtf? 🙂 Having an open middle seat next to you is always welcomed, especially on long flights so you can stretch your legs.

Love the pic of you two in front of the GG! And mmmmm….sushi. Looks delish!

I like to explore on my own but get recommendations from the locals on where to go.


Christine (Merf) May 23, 2011 at 10:40 pm

So fun! I’m going to SF in a couple of weeks. It’s for work, so I won’t have much free time. Excited though. I saw the golden gate last time. And had sushi, and dim sum. Maybe this time I’ll try to get on a cable car. That sounds fun. But mostly it will be work, drink, work, drink, repeat. 🙂


Noelle Reese May 24, 2011 at 12:14 pm

That looks like so much fun! I am jealous! How were your calves after all the hills? Don’t you love those painted ladies houses? They are so much fun!
I can’t believe you got an empty middle seat! We are always packed in with a baby on my lap LOL


Michelle P. May 26, 2011 at 2:43 pm

OK, so the pic of you two in front of the Golden Gate Bridge looks like you photoshopped yourself onto a postcard. So pretty! Glad you had a blast, I am jealous 🙂


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