Something Kind of Nice Day…

by agirlandhermutt on October 20, 2011

Hello friends! Yesterday was just “one of those days”.  I felt like I was Alexander from the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

It was rainy and cold, but I forgot my coat and umbrella at work. I looked like I got dressed in the shower by the time I walked into my office. Then one of my co-workers said (I kid you not), “Is it still raining out there?” Seriously.

I also thought I was all smart by wearing flats so I could hopping over puddles in heels. I giggled to myself as I was driving up to my parking lot at the ladies wobbling on their 4” heels trying to navigate through the lake that is typically our parking area. I stepped out of the car to only to realize that my right shoe had a little hole in the front where water could gush in while I was walking. Nice.

Obviously I was feeling a little down and out. Nothing a good ol’ glass of wine couldn’t fix. Unfortunately I was at work and it was 9:30am.

The Scientist came to the rescue. “Hey, I’m cooking dinner for you tonight.” YES!

WOOT! Now that is the way to spend a Thursday evening. I was told on arrival that I was having aloo gobi (spiced potatoes and cauliflower) a la The Scientist with some paneer tikka masala (Indian cheese in a creamy sauce) and rice. He paired it with the beer that we made a few weeks back.  Mmmm….

Indian food just doesn’t seem to photograph well for me. Take my word for it. The meal was DEELISH. This meal put The Scientist on the cooking map in my book.

My attempts at Indian cooking have been pretty successful overall, but they lack just a little bit of the oomph that this meal had. Notes are taken for my next try!


Unfortunately no leftovers for lunch. So sad too bad!

Big thanks to The Scientist for turning a wet shoe kind of day into a something kind of nice day.


I’m on the prowl for my next ethnic food experience. I still have to achieve one of my 31 While 31and have 2 new ethnic food experiences. Any ideas on things to try?!

Have a great day!

What action or person can brighten your day? How do you make others smile when they need it?!

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