Restaurant Review: Jimmy’s Bar & Oven

by agirlandhermutt on February 3, 2012

The other night I took a little trip down memory lane with a trip to my old ‘hood, Brookline, to have dinner with my friend Megan. Megan, drinks, dinner, Brookline= An excellent Wednesday night!

A few of my friends had mentioned that a restaurant had opened up in my old neighborhood in a spot that was vacant the ENTIRE time I lived there. For 3 years! Megan let me pick the restaurant so we met up at Jimmy’s Bar & Oven.

As I was walking up I couldn’t help but notice that the outside of this place was a little sketch. Very concrete and a few too many neon bar signs. If Brookline had a dive bar, this looks like it would be it.  Then I noticed the garage door windows that could open on a great weather night and started to get the idea of this place.

The interior of Jimmy’s keeps with the whole industrial/concrete feel except the lighting inside gives it a nice warm feeling. Exposed lightbulbs and walls continue that warehouse or garage feeling. There was a nice area to sit at lower tables, but there was also a great bar and high top seating available.

From almost any part of the restaurant you can see into the kitchen where the pizza oven was on full force. I can never decide if I like to look into the kitchen or not.

Megan and I decided to sit at the bar for the night. I always enjoy sitting at the bar at places because it gives me a nice view of the whole joint and I get my drinks faster!

Drink for the night was Angry Orchard cider. Crisp and almost like apple juice. These suckers go down pretty quickly. Check out that cool tap though.

We decided to split some fried pickles and stuffed mushrooms first. The pickles came with a nice smoky dip. These weren’t my fave fried pickles because I wanted them to be a bit crispier, but they were certainly a good choice for a fried pickle fix.

The stuffed mushrooms were described as being filled with carrots, red onion, zucchini and parm cheese. Although these look chock full of veggies, unfortunately I couldn’t really taste all the veggies. It was like mushroom with no other discernable flavors. This isn’t necessarily bad, but just wasn’t what I was expecting. There was also some type of foam or sauce on the side. I’m not really sure what this was, but the mushrooms were fine without it. Just a side note…check out that huge piece of basil. What the heck is that about? I don’t care for things on my plate that aren’t meant to be eaten. Leave that off folks!

For dinner we both ordered a pizza. They have plenty of other pasta dishes available but I was hoping to get enough pizza to have lunch for the next day. Score! It was a great size and easily could be split between two people. My pizza was the White Pizza with figs, pears, goat cheese and baby arugula. I love the figs. I love the goat cheese. I could have used MORE pears. I could have taken less arugula. The crust was nice and doughy without being too chewy to be enjoyable. Pizza is definitely something they do well.

When it was time to head out they kindly boxed up my extra pizza. I love when they put the date on the take-out box. This is a great reminder when I go to pull it out of my fridge and realize it is 6 days old. 😉

Overall, Jimmy’s was ok. It definitely adds a nice causal place to the Washington Sq area, but it wasn’t a place that I would make the trip back to my hood specifically for. I wasn’t blown away by all of my apps, but this could definitely be a spot to grab a drink on a nice evening when the windows are open and split a pizza in you were in the area already.

*Just a note: Megan and I picked Jimmy’s all on our own. No free food or drinks for these girls. Honest opinions all the way around!*

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I hope you guys have a great weekend! Super Bowl weekend is here. Anyone else excited?!

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Life's a Bowl February 5, 2012 at 8:21 am

Ah, I lived right down the street from you in Kenmore/ Fenway! I miss all of the tasty Boston restaurants…


agirlandhermutt February 6, 2012 at 11:59 pm

I work in that area. 🙂 I love the Kenmore/Fenway area!


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