What I Ate Wednesday: #2

by agirlandhermutt on February 8, 2012

Hello friends! So that whole “Daily Eats” thing that turned into “Weekly Eats” has been kind of back burner thing for me. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I totally keep missing it. Eh. No matter.

What I Ate Wednesday is a little more fun! Check out the first (and only) other one I did here. Just a note…this is not what I ate on a Wednesday. Just a random mix of some meals I’ve been digging into lately. Did you catch that? This is now the What I Ate Randomly During Last Week! I have the feeling this is not going to catch on as quickly.

WIAW #2- Random Eats During the Week

Grilled turkey burgers, sliced avocado, and cumin dusted sweet potato fries

Roasted red pepper & feta quinoa stuffed portabella mushrooms<—Variation of a recipe I found in the Weight Watchers Four Ingredient Recipes magazine

Cottage cheese with chopped up garlic pickles

Salads galore

Egg Stack: 1 egg on top of sliced grape tomatoes & capers w/ 1 oz smoked salmon & 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese

Turkey burgers w/ salad & garlic mash (had to use up that ground turkey!)

A little bit of popcorn & beer<—Indulge! :)

My meals have been pretty simple lately which has been a nice change. Sometimes I feel pressure to have something new or different for dinner or lunch so I don’t bore myself or The Scientist. I’m just sticking to what I know right now and adding in fun things like the sweet potato fries and quinoa to spice it up. Ooohhh. Fancy huh?

What is your go to standard meal that you know will be good every single time you make it?

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