Fave Five Friday: Lipstick and Lip Gloss Edition

by agirlandhermutt on April 6, 2012

Although I’ve decided to reign in the focus on the blog I’m not giving up my Fave Five Friday. I have things that I love and I want to share! I hope you don’t mind. 😉

True story time…Back when I was in college I entered a contest at a make-up counter in the mall for “Best Lips of Tallahassee”. All I had to do was to put some lipstick on, kiss this board, and then people voted on who had the best puckers. I won. Two years in a row. Woot! If I could put it on my resume, I totally would.

My love affair with lip glosses and lipsticks started around that time. I realized that I could instantly brighten up my face, change the whole vibe of my look, and have to do very little makeup to look put together.

I typically wear lip gloss all by itself, but I also have some favorite lipstick/lip gloss combos. Almost all of these are drugstore brands on purpose so that anyone can pick these up or find them in a local store.

Fave Five Friday: Lipstick + Lip gloss Edition


Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick (Soft Nude) ~$7
with Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (Shiny Natural Look) $14


= A nice pinkish nude color combo. Revlon ColorBurst lipstick is great on its own. Not only is it creamy is it long lasting with tons of pigmentation, but its also really creamy feeling. The addition of the Sephora lip gloss just gives a bit of shine without any sticky feeling. Mentioned this one before.


Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick (Peach) ~$7
with Revlon ColorBurst Liplogss (Sunset Peach) ~$7

= The color combo of the summer. Peach and coral are everywhere for the season and I’m loving it. I think people tend to shy away from the peach colors because they immediately think they are going to look too orange. Totally not the case for this lipstick. It has a lovely pink hue undertone and is really flattering. The addition of the lipgloss just adds that pop of gloss that pulls the color all together.


NYC Ultra Moist Lipwear (Sheer Red) $0.99
with  Loreal Infallible 8 Hr Le Gloss (Rebel Red)

=A bold statement. I have big ol’ lips and have a hard time with red lips sometimes. This NYC lipstick is the BEST. It’s the perfect red color without being too purple or pink. The addition of the gloss just adds that touch of shine and I find that the whole look just stays together longer throughout the day.


NYC Ultra Last Lipwear (Snow Cone) $1.99
with NYC Liquid Lipshine Prospect Pink $2.50


=Barbie overload. I was a little nervous when I first picked up this frosty pink color, but it was just too cute. The pink has a nice shine without looking like you are wearing your Hello Kitty lipstick from middle school. This gloss is just simply to create that glossy look. I wear this lipstick and gloss separately often, but together they are the perfect pair.


Mary Kay Crème Lipstick (Sunlit Sands) $13
with MaryKay Nourishine Lip Gloss (Beach Bronze) $14

= The ultimate combo for all you tan lovelies. When I’m a bit tanner and want a natural look I throw this combo on. The first nude combo I showed is a bit too white looking when I’m tanner so this is my back-up colors. For those of you who are not as ghostly white as I am on a regular basis then this could be a regular neautral combo. I don’t wear the lipstick on its own much because it feels a little dry for me, but the gloss is great on its own. It isn’t sticky and lasts for several hours. I’m looking forward to breaking out these colors soon!


I hope you guys are wrapping up your week and ready for the weekend. I don’t have much on the agenda and I couldn’t be more excited about that. A little pilates and an Easter celebration. Doesn’t that sound lovely?!

See ya Monday and don’t forget that you have some time to enter my Fishs Eddy NYC giveaway!

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Mindy@FSLblog April 9, 2012 at 11:25 am

I always layer lipsticks! Thanks for the sweet (and inexpensive) color combo reccomendations!!



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