Surprises, New Hair, and SOWA!

by agirlandhermutt on May 7, 2012

Hello friends! I had a busy weekend so lets skip all the shenanigans and get right into it, shall we?!


Friday Night
The Scientist said he has a surprise for me and asked me to meet him at Rock Bottom in the Theater District for dinner. We had dinner and as we were leaving I looked up and saw a sign on a local theater that said “The Shins” were coming to play. I got so excited and told The Scientist that we had to get tickets to see them. Then I looked back and realized that they were playing that same night. I looked back and The Scientist and he had two tickets for us! I was surprised with concert tickets!

The concert took place in the Wang Theater which is just gorgeous on the inside.


Such a fun night and a total surprise!

Fun Fact: Rock Bottom was the first restaurant that The Scientist and I ate at together just by ourselves and The Shins was one of the first things we talked about the night we met. :)


I woke up bright and early to hit the salon and get my hair all changed up for the summer.

Before & After

I love my dark hair, but it is fun to try something different for the summer.

Since it was Cinco de Mayo I met up with The Scientist a little later in the day to grab a margarita and celebrate. Having a plethora of Mexican restaurants in the neighborhood is a nice bonus on May 5th!

We finished up our drinks and headed out to the most exciting part of the day…to see The Avengers! I love all of those super hero type movies (although Thor was not my fave) and was just as excited to see this movie as my nerdy comic book loving Scientist.

I loved the movie! The change of Mark Ruffalo as hulk was perfect and I didn’t hate ScarJo like I had thought I would. Oh, and who doesn’t love a good Robert Downey Jr moment?!

Fun Fact: To see this movie 3D digital cost $35 for 2 tickets through Fandango. SERIOUSLY! I kept my glasses. That was the least they could do for me.


Sunday=Shopping! It was the return of the SOWA market for the season and I could not have been more excited.

My pal, Meg, and I enjoyed a day of outdoor shopping and dog watching. Come on…how cute is that pup?! I wanted to sneak up and steal him.


Lunch was from the BonMe food truck. Mmm…

While I was gobbling up my sandwich I couldn’t help but laugh when I caught this sign out of the corner of my eye on a rib food truck next door. Technically…they are right! ;)

 Final Results of Shopping…

Pickled Grapes from Grillos Pickles.

Nothing but goodness in these bad boys!

Myer Lemon and Sea Salt Popcorn from Quinn Popcorn.


LOVE tshirt in Sign Language & Hindi from Zamforia. Love the cute potato chip bag packaging!



Reusable Snack Bags from Edie & Fin


The rest of the night was spent with this guy just hanging out and looking out the window.

No grapes for you buddy!

Fun Fact: The SOWA Market is a MUST visit if you are in town throughout the summer!


The whole weekend was just what I needed after a busy work week! I hope you all had a good few days.

Check back tomorrow for a fun new giveaway!

Did you see The Avengers? What did you think? Who is your favorite character?

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