CSA 2012: Week 1

by agirlandhermutt on June 14, 2012

Hellllooo friends! Friday is just around the corner and I am ready. I’m not one to wish days away, but this week has been killer and I’m in need of a break.

In other fun news…my CSA started back up this week! Quick CSA lesson for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about.


CSA 101

Community Supported Agriculture, better known as CSA, is when folks purchase food directly from a farm. The farm will offer “shares” of their vegetables and fruit for consumers to purchase. Typically, one share would feed one family. Each share contains a mix of vegetables and/or fruit that are in season. At the beginning of the growing season, locals purchase a share from the farm and then throughout the season they pick up their share each week.  It is basically like grocery shopping right on the farm!

The CSA concept isn’t limited to just veggies and fruits these days. Now there are CSAs for meat, fish, eggs, and other farm products.

Participating in a CSA is not only a great way to support the local community, but it also is a wonderful way to be introduced to a variety of in season vegetables! Depending on the farm that you purchase a share from, you can also get to know your farmer and really be connected to where your food is coming from.


Last year Karen and I participated in a CSA for the first time. While it was fun to do the pick-up together and make a few meals with our goodies, overall we were a bit disappointed with the experience. The weather was kind of stinky in the first place (um, hurricane?!) but I felt like the vegetables they offered were a bit limited. We had pretty much sworn off doing it again, but the concept was really what drew us back in. Karen did some investigating and found out that a CSA we *really* wanted to take part in, had some shares open to purchase and we jumped on the chance.

We are now the proud owners of one share from Waltham Fields Community Farm!

This Tuesday we met up and did our first pick-up. Unlike last year where we just picked up from a determined location, this year we go to the actual farm to do our picking up.

Each Monday we receive a newsletter with that week’s share offerings, recipes and other goings on at the farm. We arrive during our time to pick up and are given directions on how much to get of each item. From that point on we are on our own!

This week’s bounty included the selection of 7 items. There were about 10 different things to choose from. We decided to browse around before making our final decisions on what to get. So many pretty greens! (Note: The only 2 things on my don’t get list are green peppers and curly endive. Gross.)

Our final bag included:
-2 purple kohlrabi
-4 heads of lettuce
-20 garlic scapes
-2 bok choy
-1 dinosaur kale

My half!

In addition to our veggies we were also given the opportunity to go out into the fields to do a little herb picking.

I mentioned last week that I’m obsessed with fresh herbs so I was excited to give some new to me herbs a try.

I picked up some marjoram and lemon balm. Any ideas on what to do with either of these?!

In addition to my veggie share, I also picked the option to enjoy an egg share from Rockville Market Farm in Vermont. Waltham Fields is partnered with them for the season so when I pick up my veggies I also get a dozen fresh Eric’s Eggs.

One of these is not like the others…

After just one visit Karen and I are in love with our CSA. I love that the farm is in my own neighborhood and that the pick-up each week is like going to see friends. I’m also in love with the idea that they are forming a community at the farm with other events besides the shares.

This CSA season is happening for 20 weeks so stay tuned for future CSA hauls!



I already made a few things with my eggs and tried out the kohlrabi. I’ll post more on that tomorrow!

I hope you guys are having a great week!

Do you belong to a CSA?

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kristle June 16, 2012 at 3:10 pm

i love the idea of csa’s, but my parents live about 40 minutes away and have a great garden, and chickens. doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂


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