#5DSD Results & More Zumba!

by agirlandhermutt on June 15, 2012

Good morning friends! Wednesday night I rushed out of work and braved some crappy weather all for the love of Zumba. 🙂 More about that in a sec…

First, I totally forgot to tell you the results of the Tone It Up #5DSD from last week! I didn’t follow it exactly because of some scheduling changes but I stuck with the no processed foods and lots of fruits & veggies concept. Final number lost? 3.5 lbs! WOOT!

Hot mess alert…

The last round of the 5 Day Slim Down that I participated in I lost 6 lbs, but I was also really exercising that week. This time I just didn’t have enough time to get in the 2x/day workouts that the plan required. I think I might try the whole thing again in a couple months. It’s a great way to get back on track if you have had a few rough days of crap eating.

Ok, now onto the Zumba fun. I have made no secret of my love for Zumba on this blog. I am amazed by my regular teacher for not only her ability to wear eyeliner while working out, but also her ability to make me sweat in places I didn’t even know existed.


Since my love for Zumba is public I was happy to receive an invite from the Boston Brunchers group to do a little branching out from our typical eating and drinking on a Saturday morning to make some attempts to burn off a few calories. The folks at Hill Studios in Watertown invited a group of us to come try out their Zumba class and I was all in.

On a busy street in Watertown, Hill Studios is nestled on a little block. If you drive too fast you could easily miss it. Parking is on the street and it is easy to find a spot on one of the side streets. I got to the studio at exactly 6:29 and ran in with just seconds to spare.

We were introduced to both the owner, Kevin Hill, and our instructor for the night, Kim Murphy. Kevin is an accomplished choreographer that has worked on Broadway shows, National Tours, and Off Broadway.

For some reason, the minute I walked into the studio I had a quick flash of my very first Zumba class. It did NOT go well.

It was a more traditional Zumba class and everyone was wearing those pants with all the zippers. I don’t understand those pants. I don’t like those pants. Those pants freak me out. I feel like at any moment someone could beat me up with all that hardware and whatever is in all those pockets. By the way, what do you put in those pockets when you are dancing?! WHY?!

Fortunately neither Kim or Kevin were wearing Zumba pants and I quickly got over my fear. Kim started the class with a brief introduction to Zumba for those who had never taken it before and showed a few of the moves off for us to practice.

Then we got to it! Kim’s class wasn’t quite a hip hop-esqe as the class I usually take, but it certainly got the heart rate up. She had quick choreography that wasn’t terribly complicated. It was great for beginners while still being a bit challenging for the pros.

The biggest difference in her class than others I have taken is the format she uses.

  • 3-4 songs for cardio
  • 1 song for an arms workout with weights
  • 2-3 songs for cardio
  • 1 song for a legs workout
    2-3 songs for cardio
    1 song for an abs workout
    1 song for a cooldown

I liked the addition of strength training! Plus, any time someone forces me to do anything that involves my abs is probably a bonus.

The highlight for me was that the cooldown was to TLC’s Scrubs. That is my jam. I had to stop myself from belting out a few of the lyrics.

Hangin’ out the passenger side
Of his best friend’s ride
Tryin’ to holler at me

At the end of the class, I was all sweaty and tired. Isn’t that truly the sign of a good Zumba class?!  Kim’s class was quick paced, sweat inducing and perfect for beginners and intermediates. The Hill Studios is a cozy space that instantly feels like YOUR studio. If you are looking for a place to take Zumba, and a variety of other dance classes at different levels, be sure to check out Hill Studios! Oh, and don’t worry…No Zumba pants in sight.

Hill Studios, LLC
1080 Belmont St
Watertown, Ma 


In other news, this weekend I am taking a little road trip to Connecticut to spend some time with my old pals! So. Excited!

Have a great weekend and I’ll see ya next week!

Do you own a pair of Zumba pants? Admit it if you do! 😉


*Just a note: Hill Studios provided this Zumba class free of charge, but all opinions about the class/instructors are all my own. I can’t be bought man!*

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Jenn June 16, 2012 at 10:47 am

3.5lbs is great! I need to do something like that to jumpstart my weight loss, but it’s so hard in the summer with going out more and what not. Some of the Zumba pants are kinda cute, but not the ones that have a millions zippers / buckles / what not. Like you said, I just don’t get what you would need all that for!


agirlandhermutt June 19, 2012 at 6:30 pm

It *is* tough with all the fun summer BBQs, potlucks, patio dining, etc. You should give it a try at the beginning of the fall!


Krista @ Can't Survive on Yarn Alone July 21, 2012 at 7:16 pm

I rocked a pair of Jnco jeans back in the day but Zumba pants is a trend/style I can’t see working for me. I get annoyed when I work out in regular length pants and stick to capris. All the bells and whistles of Zumba pants would drive me batty.


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