A Weekend Trip to Connecticut!

by agirlandhermutt on June 18, 2012

Happy Monday friends! I’ve mentioned a few times that before my great move to Boston, I actually made a pit-stop in Connecticut for a year and a half. In the middle of a snow storm in February 2003 I packed up my bags, a UHaul and made the trek from Florida to Connecticut. I went solely for a job and randomly my cousin lived in the same town I moved to. I knew not a single person but her. She invited me over to her apartment, which was in the same neighborhood, and I met her roommate, Priscilla. P-Lo and I became instant friends. My life in Connecticut wasn’t ever the same after that.


Just a note: Why did no one tell me that my hair was out of control back in the day?! Shame on all of my friends for letting me walk around like that for so long!

I was supposed to go visit her this past February but due to some freak snow storm my plans were delayed. So Saturday morning I took a little road trip to spend some time with Priscilla, her husband, and their bun in the oven!

My drive down was super easy and the weather was gorgeous. I listened to a few podcasts and enjoyed having the sunroof open. It was lovely. I got to their place around lunch time and fortunately everyone, including the baby, were ready to eat.

We headed down to one of Priscilla’s sandwich favorites, Nica’s Market. The market was filled with gorgeous vegetables, baked goods, gelato, and a hot food bar.

I ordered up the Funky Turkey, a panini with turkey, broccoli rabe, kalamata olives, and swiss cheese. Salty and savory all in one bite.

After stuffing ourselves with sandwiches and gelato we took advantage of a beautiful afternoon by taking a trip to East Rock Park to get a bird’s eye view of New Haven. I have been to New Haven many times, but this was my first time checking out the sites like a tourist.

We also spent some time walking around downtown and checked out the International Arts & Ideas Festival.

I’d like to blame my need for a nap after our lunch and walk on the pregnant woman, but I can’t. I was TIRED. We headed back to Priscilla’s place and rested up for a few hours. I was gearing up for the main event of the day…MIYA’S SUSHI! The last time I was at Miya’s was the night before Priscilla’s wedding. We all went to celebrate the big day. This time it was jus to relax, catch up with some old friends, and enjoy some really unique sushi.

I want to dedicate some space on the blog to Miya’s so I’m going to do a full review later this week. Lets just say….holy yum.

We ate all night, drank all night (well, the pregnant lady didn’t) and we were merry. We rounded out the night with a trip to Chocopologie for some Frozen Hot Chocolate and truffles.

The next morning we were up bright and early. We just chatted and hung out at the house. It was nice to just catch up and talk about the baby. Finally our stomachs started to grumble so we ventured out for some brunch and a walk through the Farmer’s Market.


I ended up taking home a giant zucchini and some roasted zucchini hummus. We still had a little wait for our table so we just stood around and listened to some local music.

I don’t know how anyone can NOT smile when they see an accordion being played not ironically.


After about a million hours of waiting for our table, we finally grabbed a seat at Lena’s Café.

Mimosas, crabcake cheesecake (ya heard me right!), and mushroom crepes. Mmm…

After brunch we said our good-byes and I promised to be back to visit in the Fall when Baby P-Lo makes her grand entrance to the world.

It is always nice to visit with people who have known you for a long time. The stories are fun to recap. The laughs come just as easily as they always did. The friendships are just as wonderful!


On a side note…Sunday was also Father’s Day and I made sure to let my Dad know how great I think he is. 🙂 My parents are truly my best friends and I am definitely a Daddy’s Little Girl. No shame here!

Have a great week everyone!

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