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by agirlandhermutt on July 25, 2012

Folks. I’m not a fan of sweating. Once I’ve started sweating then I’m fine, but that initial sweat that breaks out on the forehead when you first start exercising or when I walk into the bathroom at my house which is the only room not hit with the a/c, drives me insane.

Unfortunately sweating is a part of my life. It has to be! I’m still making all the efforts to get in tip top shape and sweat is all part of the equation to do that. In order to get in all that sweat I like to send myself reminders. Little reminders like Google Calendar alerts remind me that Zumba class is later in the afternoon or customized wording on my iPhone alarm every morning that says “Get out of bed and run around you bum.”

Another new gadget that I have had for the past month or so to help remind me to get my sweat going is my brand new Nike FuelBand!


The FuelBand is, at the heart of it, a fancy pedometer. However, all the little bells and whistles that make it fancy are what make the FuelBand so much more than a pedometer.

How It Works

You wear the band, which looks similar to a Livestrong kind of bracelet, and go about your day. The sport-tested accelerometer tracks your activity and divides it up into categories: Calories Burned, Steps Walked, and Fuel. Fuel is a Nike developed calculation that is essentially points that are awarded to the user for activity and movement.

The FuelBand will track everything from running, dancing, walking, Zumba and all the little activities you do throughout the day. With a press of a button you can see how much activity you have done and sync it with an app on your phone or computer. The syncing allows you to keep a calendar of your activity and to challenge yourself day-to-day. You set a goal, like to earn 3000 Fuel, and then move. As the day progresses you can watch your band light up from red to yellow to green and finally, GOAL!

What I Like About It

The FuelBand is a great way for me to challenge myself. When I first got it I set the basic goal of earning 2,000 Fuel. At the end of the day I realized how little I had to move to reach that goal and made it higher. It was like a game to see how quickly I could reach my goal and which activities really helped me to achieve those. In my average Zumba class I earn about 1,500 Fuel. Score! As I used the FuelBand unlocked special milestones and could see how many days in a row I hit my goal. It is very much a game of activity!


I also like the way it looks. At first look it is a simple black rubber bracelet. Nothing out of the ordinary or that screams “PEDOMETER!”. It fits close to the wrist and doesn’t feel bulky. With the press of a simple button on the bracelet the LED lights on the front come to light. Press the button again and the bracelet scrolls through the info it has recorded including Fuel earned, calories burned, steps taken and the time. It is very futuristic looking when you are looking at the details on the screen and it makes me feel like I’m one of the Jetsons. <—Nerd alert.

The last piece of the band that I really like is its ability to sync with an iPhone app. Using bluetooth, the band can sync with the app which allows me to check out all my stats right on my phone.

What I Don’t Like

There isn’t much I don’t like about my little FuelBand, but there are a few things I would improve. Battery life is one of them. For some reason I have a hard time remembering to charge things so this 1 1/2-2 day charge is something I really have to remind myself to think about at night.

I also wish that it was integrated with MyFitnessPal like the FitBit is. Maybe in the future this will happen?! (Fingers crossed!)

The last piece that is a bit of a bummer is the price. This sucker is $$$ at $150. This definitely isn’t something that you can buy at Target, wash in your jeans pocket the next day and not feel bad about it.

Should You Buy It?

This gadget is perfect for those people who need a bit of encouragement to be active throughout the day. If you are a desk person and want to be reminded to get up and move, this is perfect for that. If you are competitive this is also great for you. You can compete against yourself AND your friends with FuelBands to see who can earn the most Fuel.

For those of you who are serious exercisers and constantly on the move then this may not be as much fun for you. Not having to struggle to reach a milestone or work a bit harder to earn a few more Fuel points takes away from the fun of the FuelBand. You might find it all to be a bit boring if you earn 9,000 Fuel on your first day.

Finally, if you get the majority of your exercise through cycling, spinning or swimming then this isn’t for you. The band just can’t calculate your legs moving and doesn’t like to be in the water for that long.

Overall, a great device for people who need a little boost with the exercise and looking for a fancy pedometer that provide a bit of a challenge on a daily basis.


Do any of you have a FuelBand, FitBit or something similar? Let me know!

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Aimee July 25, 2012 at 2:54 pm

That looks really fun. I have a FitBit, but I find that I always forget to wear it. This might be easier though since it’s like a bracelet, and I love that it tracks everything too.


agirlandhermutt July 25, 2012 at 11:17 pm

This is really easy to wear and not nearly as easy to stick through the wash. 😉


Barbara LaSaracina February 1, 2015 at 9:50 pm

I lost calories and steps read out when I synced it. I am not happy with it at all and it was expensive.


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