CSA Update, Juicing and my first 5K!

by agirlandhermutt on July 27, 2012

I’ve been kind of slacking on my CSA posts for the past few weeks. I’ve been getting the veggies, but not really doing anything that special with them. It seems almost sacrilegious to get all this great fresh produce and then just chop it up for a salad. The reason I signed up for a CSA was to try all different kind of vegetables and cooking methods. Unfortunately my schedule hasn’t allowed for a lot of free time. Rather than throw away any of my goodies and miss out on all those great nutrients, I have turned to a new device for the kitchen. I got a juicer!

I purchased the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor. It isn’t anything super fancy, but it seemed like a good intro juicer. I’ve been admiring people’s juices, like SpaBettie and the Tone It Up Girls, for quite some time and I finally took the plunge.

The result was…less than stellar. I threw everything I had that was going bad into the juicer and was granted a big ol’ glass of juice. Unfortunately it looked like a big ol’ glass of poo.

I started to gag when I first took a look at it, but after a few minutes I decided to give it a taste and it was quite delicious. The next morning I tried it again.

Apparently citrus can really make a drink frothy. This isn’t right, is it?

It actually tasted great and I was quite pleased with myself. Day 3 brought me back down to reality though.

Seriously. What the hell is that?! How do people get their juices so pretty? Obviously I’m into the presentation of the juice much more than I thought. It just isn’t as much fun drinking down a glass of what looks like Rainbow Brite made in the kitchen.

Tips? Tricks? Help a girl out.


Speaking of CSAs, this week I was able to get over to the farm myself to do the veggie pick-up for Karen and I. Usually she does it for us and I feel all kinds of guilty. I got out of work on time to truck over there only to realize that I was wearing a dress and sandals to trudge through the farm to pick some green beans. Not the best planning, but at least I looked cute!

We got a great haul this week! Everything is so vibrant and smells delicious at the farm. Here is my half for this week.

CSA Week 7
-pickling cucumbers

We also got eggplant, onions, new potatoes, regular cucumbers, and a few small hot peppers. Those are in Karen’s bag though.  I plan on juicing the crap out of those carrots, beets and celery.



Since we are chatting about all things healthy with juice and vegetables, lets chat about something big happening tomorrow.

I’m “running” my first 5k tomorrow! Eek! This is #15 on the 32 While 32 list. I put running in quotations because technically it will be a job/walk. I’m not fast, but I’m not last. That is my new motto. I timed myself on a 5K walk and then again on a 5K jog/walk. Unfortunately the times were almost the same. I couldn’t help but laugh.

This isn’t any ordinary run though. A few of my friends and I are participating in The Color Run, otherwise known as the Happiest 5K on the planet!

Enter video caption here


Because we can’t do anything like this without a little flair, my friends and I decided to make shirts. Since it is The Color Run we thought making our shirts look like a page out of coloring book would be super fun.

Our inspiration Dora the Explorer printout and my interpretation. Not to bad, right?!


Karen was kind enough to have our little group over to her house to paint and she also made us dinner. Karen is officially the craftiest one out of all of us because she actually owns a bag of puff paint. Note to Karen: I’m expecting a Christmas stocking with my name on it this year. 😉

Dinner was an awesome mixture of warm and cold foods. She started with a base of warm and fluffy couscous, layered with a cold gazpacho-type tomato mixture, and then topped it off with nice hot and delicious grilled shrimp.

The whole meal was super filling, quick and really tasty. I always love home cooked meals at friends houses.


Ahh…I’m so glad it is Friday! I have a fun weekend planned and I’m looking forward to getting it started.

Have a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for decent weather for my 5k tomorrow!

Remember that tonight is the last night to enter to win a $25 gas gift card. Check out this post and get your entry in!


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Kris July 27, 2012 at 2:31 pm

I know you have a bunch of crazy veggies to use up, but if you pair most anything with something SWEET, its good. try a pineapple, or a couple apples, even carrots are sweet. do you like ginger? add a small piece for some spice.

we love the taste of veggies over here, but I know some prefer to have the natural sweetness in there.

this takes a little bit more time, but sometimes I will juice, then pour the juice into my blender and add spinach and vanilla protein for a smoothie that lasts even longer!


Tiffany July 27, 2012 at 10:30 pm

Good luck on the run tomorrow, can’t wait to hear details about that race (it’s kinda the only reason I want to start running again because it seems like such a fun race!)

I want to juice as well but it seems like a little too much work for my taste……I am lazy, I know!


Andrea @ Vegvacious July 28, 2012 at 8:20 pm

I’ve heard that beets and apples are a really great juicing combo. I bought a juicer a few years ago and I was not impressed — I ended up with more pulp than juice. It was a total mess! I’m thinking this is one of those things you need to spend a little money on.

Can’t wait to hear about the race – I saw your post race pic already on FB or Twitter – looks like you had some fun!!


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