Southern Style Brunch at M3

by agirlandhermutt on August 21, 2012

Sunday should always be a funday. This past Sunday my fun was had with the Boston Brunchers at M3, a restaurant right in Davis Sq. M3= Meat & 3 sides, a concept in Southern dining. Southern dining?! Sign me up. I may live in the north, but I’m still a southern girl at heart!

I’ve been meeting up with the Boston Brunchers for almost a year now. For those of you who just started reading the blog, the Boston Brunchers are a group of local bloggers, food writers, PR people, tweeters and general food lovers. We love to support local Boston businesses and we like to brunch.

In the past I’ve attended a few amazing brunches, ate lunch with a cookbook author, discovered a local catering company and did some sweating at a Zumba class!

M3 is located on the corner of the street and you could easily miss it if it weren’t for the people spilling out onto the sidewalk. Apparently Davis Sq enjoys their brunch. As you walk into M3 you immediately know that the joint has character. From the chalkboard walls and tables (plus a few rules to remind us how to dine properly!)…


To the creative bar space, drink specials, and eclectic decorations.

This restaurant is hipster central and does a great job at creating a really cool retro vibe.

First up was a cucumber/pineapple/watermelon salad with a bit of ricotta and cracked pepper on the top. I wish I had a menu in front of me (or wasn’t such a dummy to not take a pic of it) so I could be more specific. All I know was this salad was fresh, crisp and perfect for a summer morning.

We sipped on samples of the mimosa, a lovely little mix of prosecco, OJ, pomegranate, and topped with pickled watermelon. There was an empty seat next to me for someone who couldn’t make it so I stole their mimosa and chug-a-lugged that one too. *Sshh*

We also snacked on some pickled vegetables. I am a HUGE pickle fan and love all things pickled. This collection included pickled broccoli which I had never had before. You really can pickle anything, can’t you?!

Our first course was Scotch Eggs. By the way, I consistently call these Dutch eggs. I have no idea why. A Scotch egg is a hard boiled egg, wrapped in some type of sausage and then deep fried. I completely forgot about the sausage part until I cracked that baby open. I almost popped it in my mouth like a little piece of candy!

I continued to round up all the pickled vegetables on the table to eat those while our next course was being delivered. Chicken biscuit and gravy. Now this is the way Southern cooking should be done! The biscuits were delicate and flaky. The gravy was tasty, not too salty and light. The chicken was moist and just perfectly breaded. Everything about this little sandwich was wonderful!

While I was adjusting my pants for the next course they brought out a sampling of their Bloody Mary. I’ve mentioned several times on the blog that I am a Bloody Mary connoisseur. My Dad makes the best in the world and I’m always on the hunt for a good one in town. While this one wasn’t all the way up to par with my Dad’s, it certainly fits the bill for being amazing AND local. It was spicy, has all kinds of fun bits in it, and they topped it with pickled cauliflower. Oh, and I wasn’t quick enough to steal the little sample at the empty seat next to me this time around. Shucks.

Next up was the classic Southern dish, fried chicken & waffles. This one was a mixed bag for me. The waffle was crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside. There were bits of pecans throughout the waffle and the cherries on top were the perfect touch of sweet. No syrup required for these! Unfortunately, the fried chicken was a bit disappointing. The breading on the fried part was *really* lacking any type of umph. Where was the salt and pepper?! I needed some type of spice for this to really be a winning piece of fried chicken. One of my fellow brunchers described the fried part as tasting like it was funnel cake batter. She was right on.

By the time the next course came out I was officially starting to feel a bit too full. Fortunately (unfortuantely?) the blueberry pancakes were good, but nothing that led me to gobble them up uncontrollably. I like pancakes but I feel like I can do them pretty well at home so I think I have some type of weird bias towards my own pancakes. I mean, I still took a bite and tried them out though. 😉

Throughout the brunch the manager and servers were really attentive and super friendly. I wish I had thought to get their names. Noted for next time. I also noticed that they were interacting with the customers around us in the same nature. Finally the last dish arrived. French toast with chocolate covered bacon. Holy crap.

Over the past year of brunching with the Boston Brunchers we have had some really lovely experiences. M3 ranks up there in the Top 3 because not only was the food and service excellent, but I could easily see myself making a return visit with friends. This Southern gal would love to see what non-brunch things M3 has to offer!


Ironic that the Healthy Living Summit was the day before this beast of a brunch, huh? 🙂

Everything in moderation!

*Just a note: M3 provided the food and drinks at no charge to the Boston Brunchers. As always, my opinions are all my own! *

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Renee {Eat.Live.Blog} August 21, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Yum…I just had flashbacks reading through your post! Such a fun brunch and 100% a place I will be returning to!


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