Monthly Faves: August 2012

by agirlandhermutt on September 12, 2012

Do you know what comes to mind in almost the middle of September? What happened in August! No? Not for you? Well, I might be a little behind, but I had to share some of my favorite items from August. It isn’t A Girl & Her Mutt style if it isn’t late. 😉 These are the fashion, beauty, and food items that were must haves for all of last month!


A Girl & Her Mutt August Faves 2012

A Girl & Her Mutt August Faves 2012 by agirlandhermutt



From left to right, top to bottom:

Fashion: JoJo Loves You earrings.

jojo loves you

I love love love my blings. They seem to go with everything and just look fun + classy all in one. These are even better looking in person!


Beauty: Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion.

Sun care

This bottle is a spray lotion but it isn’t that kind that goes everywhere in the wind but on your body. It actually stays in a lotion type format and spreads really easily. I burn like it is the next fashion craze so I have to be super careful. I have a couple of sunscreens I rotate using but this is the easiest to take to the beach.

Food: HappyYogi yogurt & fruit snacks.

Happy Yogis

These freeze dried yogurt snacks are the perfect sweet treat. They just came out with individual packets and I love them so much.


Beauty: MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow.

MAC Cosmetics makeup

This stuff is magic. I can use it as my only eye shadow color because it goes on bronze but when it is blended out on my lid it changes to a slightly pink-orange color. Watch this YouTube video to check out the magic.



Beauty: Essence of Beauty Crease Duo Brush Set.

Makeup brush

I have little eyes. People like to ask me if I can see when I laugh. I’m not sure if that is a comment on my fat little cheeks, but I know it is definitely a comment on my eye size. Normal make-up brushes don’t always get that super sleek and clean look that I want, but fortunately, this eye duo set from CVS does the trick. Easy to control where the color is going and great price too!


Food: Wholly Guacamole Spicy Snack Pack Dip.

Spicy Snack Packs – Guac Dip | Mexican Guacamole Dip –

The kind folks at Wholly Guacamole sent me a HUGE gift pack a few weeks ago right after BlogHer12 and included was a sample of the 100 calorie SPICY Guacamole packs. Holy crap these are good. I love the zing and love that it is all portioned out for us guac nuts.



Beauty: Jergens Natural Glow Tanning Foam.

Body moisturizer


I’ve mentioned this before and I’m going to mention this again. This is beauty in a bottle for me. I put this one right after I get out of the shower and just rub it in like it is a lotion. It goes on smooth, even and gives me just an extra touch of color. It also helps to even out all those weird tan lines I get because I can’t seem to figure out how to put on sunscreen around my armpits.


Fashion: Diane Von Furstenberg Leva Sunglasses in Cheetah.


Ok, HUGE thanks to for gifting me these amazing Diane Von Furstenberg sunglasses during BlogHer12. They are perfect for everyday wear and go with anything. They aren’t too fancy and are just classic in every way. I love the case that comes with them and the little pouch that helps protect them is perfect for cleaning too. Quality, quality, quality! clip_image00161_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb1_thumb[1]

Better late than never, right?! Is that statement true for all situations? I can think of at least two where never is definitely better than later. Heh.

Do you like to try out new products or keep the ones you know?!

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