2012 Favorites Wrap-Up

by agirlandhermutt on January 18, 2013

Hi friends! Throughout 2012 I shared with you some of my favorite experiences, favorite products, and fun finds. They came in the form of my Fave Five Friday, or a Monthly Favorites post, or even as a video! 2012 had a lot of favorites for me, but I wanted to go over my tops of the tops.


The 2012 Winners are…


Pickles- Kind of a strange favorite, but I finally embraced my love for all things pickled in 2012. A pickle brand that is a regular in the house is a local vendor, Grillos Pickles. Grillos has not only pickles, but also pickled grapes, tomatoes, and other fun veggies. I also discovered the Claussen Hearty Garlic Whole Pickles. Delish. In my February favorites post I shared a few ways I enjoyed eating pickles and they ended up in a few instagram photos too.

Pickle Roll-Up Snack

Wholly Guacamole– Mmmm. I could live off of avocados. As a kid my Dad taught me how to pick out the perfect avocado and I consider it a great skill as an adult. Unfortunately just because I can pick them out doesn’t mean they are always available in the store. Wholly Guacamole to the rescue. Their guac is not only smooth and always tasty, but it also comes in really cool 100 calorie packs for those of us who might otherwise try to eat the whole container. After winning a Wholly Guacamole gift pack at BlogHer, I also discovered they have great salsas too!

Spiralizer– This is one of those products that you definitely don’t NEED in your kitchen, but you definitely WANT it. I bought it thinking I would use it every now and then. Ha! I have totally replaced pasta with zucchini and absolutely love it. I’ve used the attachment blades to make fun carrot decorations or spiralize sweet potatoes too. It is easy to use and super easy to clean too. Check out my complete review here.

Dogfish Head 90 min IPA– I love beer. I love this beer. I even made a trip to Dogfish Head specifically to drink this beer in its birthplace.


Flavor Infused Balsamic Vinegars– Have these always been around?! I can shake a little balsamic on almost any dish now thanks to the many flavors I have. The top winners were Dark Chocolate Balsamic and Lemon White Balsamic.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Protein Waffles

Sun Dried Tomato & Caper White Wine Sauce (w/ Lemon Balsamic Vinegar!)


Fuelband– I love love love my FuelBand. It helps keep me accountable for all my movement (or non-movement sometimes!) throughout the day. It keeps me challenged and it is also a handy watch. Check out this post for a FULL review!

Tone It Up– My love for the TIU girls is no secret and I’m sure you are tired of me chatting about them, but this year it was bumped up a notch when they introduced their Tone It Up app. There is easy access to their blogs, daily workout routines, the community, and even an alarm clock with a wake-up message. In general, I love fitness apps and I’m planning a post on my Top 5 Fitness apps for next week. Stay tuned!

Neon Sneakers– Just because I am sweaty, doesn’t mean I can’t look good at the same time. Neon finally made a comeback and I could not be happier. I love my Nike sneaks and have plans on purchasing a new pair. Any recommendations on obnoxious shoes?!

Zumba– I discovered my true love of Zumba this year thanks to an amazing teacher and a big ol’ sweaty room of folks at the gym. Her music is amazing. The choreography is fun. I sweat like a pig. It is fantastic!

Kettlebells– I have always enjoyed weight lifting more than cardio. When I discovered kettlebells near the end of 2012 I found my true love. The class at the gym has been changed up a bit so they only occasionally use kettle bells so I might have to purchase one to use at home.


Fashion (and some beauty)

JoJo Loves You– I absolutely adore every single piece of jewelry on the JoJo Loves You website. I am particularly enamored with the JoJo blings. They go with anything and look fantastic. I typically get at least 1 or 2 compliments every time I wear them. I picked up several pairs over the year and have deemed the Peach color my current love.


Sheer tops w/ big jewelry– I love the whole sheer baggy top look with statement jewelry. If you follow me on Instagram you know these types of tops were a staple in my Fall wardrobe and I don’t see me giving them up any time soon. Forever 21 is my shopping mecca. Sad, but true.  

Rose gold– I can’t get enough of it. You will see a lot of it in my Outfit of the Day photos on Instagram. I was lucky to receive a nice watch as a gift for Christmas that helped fuel my addiction. Rose gold necklace, rose gold earrings, rose gold watch.


The Body Shop Strawberry Body Mist– This is my scent. It smells a little like a my little pony but it is perfect for me. It doesn’t offend anyone at work and I love it! Check out my little blurb about it in this video at around 05:30.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette– This was a birthday gift to myself last year and it is still one of my favorite eye shadow collections. It is always my go to when traveling too. I plan on getting the original Naked Palette this year. A great purchase definitely! Check out this post for more photos.


Scentsy- I became addicted to it because of my Mom, started selling it, and am still addicted to it. I love the way my house smells when I simmer Honey Pear Cider or Apple Press. Mmm…


-Monthly Subscription Boxes- I don’t subscribe to many, but I love the concept and that more places are getting on board with this. There are fitness related boxes, fun food boxes (Knoshbox!), and of course, the beauty boxes. Right now I’m currently subscribed to GlossyBox and enjoying it immensely. New products every month and just $20.

Dystopian Novels– I managed to read TONS of dystopian novels over the past year. I am actually in the middle of one right now and think that I might have to take a break. If these had been around, or been popular, when I as a teenager, I might not have ever left my house. Divergent was my fave of the year, but there are so many out there!

Boston Brunchers– I loved participating in all the brunches, dinners, and a fitness class with the Brunchers last year. It gave me the opportunity to meet local bloggers, make a few new friends, discover places that I might not have ever found in Boston, and meet a cookbook author. I’m looking forward to a new year of Bruncher events.


My Drunk Kitchen– This is kind of random, but this YouTube show/channel just made me laugh all year long. I love Hannah! I donated to her kickstarter and I’m hoping to see her come to Boston live. Fingers crossed!

Last, but certainly not least…

KORKY!- He is always a yearly favorite. This mutt makes me smile more than anything on the planet. This year he seemed to get so much older which brought on a lot more love from me. More belly rubs, ear scratches, and some snoring. We celebrated Korky with a professional photo shoot in the Fall and we are anxiously awaiting the pics we ordered a few weeks ago. Dog Breath Photography captured his personality perfectly and the photos will be something I can have to remember him forever.


I hope you guys enjoyed my 2012 Favorites wrap-up. I’ll be continuing with the faves in 2013! 🙂

Have a good weekend!

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Noelle Reese January 19, 2013 at 2:38 pm

I just watched 2 videos I had not seen! I loved them! This is a great post too thanks for taking the time to do it! Sorry it has been so long since I stopped by! I promise I read every single post though! You look beautiful! Korky is darling and I can’t help but crack up that strawberry lip gloss brings out the puppy in him LOL <3


agirlandhermutt January 22, 2013 at 3:47 pm

Ha! I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂 That lip gloss is really enticing!


Dawn January 19, 2013 at 10:25 pm

I’m in love with the neon heels! I’m also a big fan of Zumba class because I love any type of dance class.

I follow you on Instagram and I love the way you put together your outfits. Some good places for jewelry is DOTS and Body Central. If you haven’t checked them out yet you should.


agirlandhermutt January 22, 2013 at 3:48 pm

Thanks for the jewelry tips! I’m off to check it out!


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning January 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

I love ALL of your favorites. And I really love that you love Dogfish 90 minute. SO GOOD. I’m lucky enough to be semi close to the brewery, and there’s a brewhouse even closer to me that we go to often.
I need that Urban Decay palette- and my current palette is almost empty (lasted over a year!). Sephora, here I come!


agirlandhermutt January 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

You need the Urban Decay. Look at the 1 vs 2 as well. Both are great!

Lucky dog being next to the brewhouse!


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