Weekend Recap: Comedy, Cinquecento, and Chipotle!

by agirlandhermutt on March 4, 2013

Well hello! How was your weekend? I caught up with a few of you over Twitter and Instagram so I know what you were up to. I love that social media lets me be all up in your business whenever I want (and vice versa!). 😉

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I started my weekend a little bit early by heading out for dinner with my buddy, Karen, on Thursday night. She had sent me a link to Zagat’s Top 10 Hottest Boston Restaurants Right Now and we decided to give Cinquecento in the South End a try.


The restaurant is pretty new to the space and used to be home to another restaurant called Rocca. Cinquecento fancied up the alley entrance to the restaurant and I really loved this touch. The exposed brick with the paintings started the vibe to the whole place.

IMG_5541 Karen and I started off with the Cavolo Nero e Pecorino, a kale salad with pecorino, pine nuts and lemon. I mentioned that we were splitting the salad so the brought it out pre-split. I absolutely love when restaurants do this!


The shredded kale was fantastic and yet another kale dish that I would love to make at home.

The restaurant became pretty lively by 6:30. Paired with the minimal table decorations and dim lighting it just reminded me of a few places that I have been in NYC. I love that busy, yet intimate feeling at restaurants. Everyone talking and no one is listening to what you have to say. IMG_5532

For dinner I had the Pollo alla Diavola, grilled chicken with pickled chili and broccoli rabe. IMG_5533

First of all, the portion was HUGE. My chicken was enormous! It was also just delicious. I love the broccoli rabe and whatever juice was at the bottom of the dish. It was a touch too salty, but I actually really enjoyed that. I ended up taking home my leftovers.

The only piece of our meal that I did not enjoy was the side dish we ordered. I wavered between the sauteed spinach or the roasted mushrooms and the mushrooms won.

Unfortunately the rosemary with the mushrooms was so overpowering that they were almost inedible. I like a little tinge of rosemary, but that was all I could taste. Karen agreed and most of the plate stayed uneaten. At $8.50 for the dish that hurt a little.

Karen and I had a lovely time! I absolutely adore Cinquecento and will definitely be back. I can easily see the rest of the girls and I having drinks and dinner here!

Cinquecento on Urbanspoon




By the time Friday rolled around I was really looking forward to the weekend. I rushed from work to make it down to a free taping of a stand-up comedy show for Comedy Central.


The BF and I were seated in the 3rd row smack dab in the middle. I joked that we were 3rd row pretty, which in general, is pretty good! I don’t need the pressure of being 1st row good looking. 😉 Both comedians were pretty funny so once I hear when the show will be on I will let you know. We can both look for me in the audience with a dumb ol’ grin on my face.

Dinner was Abby Lane, a newer restaurant that was also on the Zagat’s list. The Executive Chef is Hell’s Kitchen Runner-Up, Jason Santos. I have an obsession with reality cooking shows so it was fun to see him manning the kitchen. The lighting was too dim for pics but I thought the food was pretty good. Abby Lane is the perfect place for a quick  bite and a cocktail before or after a show in the Theatre District.



By the time Saturday rolled around I was ready to get back to the gym. I got my butt to a Total Body Melt class. This is actually just a silly name for “I’m going to kill you and your muscles…slowly”. We did kettle bell squats, lunges with the body bar, and 7 minutes of burpees. Heh. I was like jello afterwards.

Fortunately Korky was on high alert when I got home so he was able to watch over the house while I slept.



I actually have no idea what he is looking at out there. He was like this for at least an hour. Just perfectly still. I’m going to guess the neighbor’s cat was teasing him.

After I slept most of the afternoon away, I headed out to a craft beer tasting at a local liquor store. It was actually a really nice selection of beers and a manageable crowd. I hate going to tastings where you have to fight to get to the table.




When I woke up Sunday morning from Zumba I found it a little harder to get out of bed than normal. My legs were still burning from my strength class on Saturday. A sign of a great class or super weak legs?! I’m going to go for a combo of both. Jumping around during Zumba actually really helped with the soreness and I felt great afterwards. It is amazing what a little booty poppin’ can do for the body and soul.

I usually reserve Sunday as my “Erin Day”. I run errands, go grocery shopping, clean the house, and do a little retail shopping. This Sunday was dedicated to Forever21, Target, and a little treat at Chipotle. Mmm…chicken salad bowl FTW. I like mine basic. Lettuce, chicken, mild salsa, and a bit of cheese. I don’t think I could ever get tired of Chipotle. Never ever.


No weekend is complete without a little upkeep and this time I decided to try out my new at-home gel manicure kit from Sensationail.


I was pretty pleased with the results and plan to do a full review on the whole kit once I have passed the 2 week mark. Stay tuned for that!


Tonight I am giving the TRX workout a try. I got a Groupon deal that was a steal so I figured why not. I’m slightly nervous, but super excited too! Check back on Wednesday for my thoughts!

See ya soon!

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Michelle March 4, 2013 at 6:23 pm

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the TRX! I’ve been wanting to try it, but its obviously out for me right now. Looks like fun!


agirlandhermutt March 7, 2013 at 10:27 am

It was great! You would love it!


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning March 5, 2013 at 4:37 pm

Woohoo- I love the TRX! I have one in my house, but have never taken an actual class. I need to!
I’d take the super sore legs as the sign of a great workout. My legs are mega strong (hope that doesn’t sound braggy) and I can still barely walk somedays after a killer leg workout.
I’m so jealous that you got to go to a Comedy Central taping- how cool! Greg and I watch all kinds of reality cooking shows too. He LOVES Gordon Ramsey!


agirlandhermutt March 7, 2013 at 10:28 am

I love Gordon Ramsey! Greg is a smart cookie. 🙂

I used to think I had strong legs but after the past few workouts, I’m not so sure. It hurts so good!


Mer March 5, 2013 at 9:56 pm

Can’t wait to hear about TRX and the at-home gel manicure! Thanks for being a guinea pig for us! And now I want Chipotle…mmmm.


agirlandhermutt March 7, 2013 at 10:28 am

I ALWAYS want Chipotle! Be on the lookout for the manicure review sometime next week!


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