One week later.

by agirlandhermutt on April 23, 2013

Can we just all let out one huge collective sigh?! SIIIGGGHHHH.

It is early morning and I am feeling alive and thankful. I’m also feeling all kinds of wordy. Stick with me folks.

Due to an old dog bladder and an old lady bladder, every morning around 2am or so Korky and I get up from our restful sleep to go to the bathroom. Usually I just walk him down the street and back to get the job done. I have a tendency to lock myself out of my house (another story for another day) so I take my phone with me. On Friday morning, as Korky was marking his territory, I was checking Then I noticed at the top of the screen “One Bombing Suspect in Custody, Second Suspect at Large in Watertown”. Without getting into too many details about where I live, lets just say that I picked Kork up mid business and we hightailed it right into the house. I locked the door, booted up the computer to the news, and proceeded to spend the entire day in the house like that. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my life. Actually, I know I haven’t.

You all know how that story ended. My gratitude to those that serve the public in immeasurable. My piece of mind on this beautiful morning is all thanks to them.

Before we move on from this subject completely, I have to say thank you from the deepest depths of my heart to my blog friends, real life friends, and family for checking in with me throughout the week and weekend. To know you were thinking of me brought a sliver of sunshine to what was otherwise a very gloomy week.

So, now that all that has been said…lets get to what I’ve been up to lately!

A few of my eats…

I haven’t been much in the mood for restaurants or cooking this past week. I had Chipotle twice. Don’t judge. There have also been lots of salads and random mish moshes of food.

Green leaf & red lead lettuce, grape tomatoes, avocado, turkey meatballs, honey infused balsamic vinegar

Meadhall Cobb Salad

Shrimp with Laughing Cow sauce, pickled red cabbage, and steamed cauliflower


A few of my workouts…

I haven’t really shared any of my activities since Marathon Monday, but I’ve been sticking with the schedule. I’m trying to keep up with doing the C25K training three days a week and other group fitness classes on the other days. One day a week is my rest day. And by rest, I mean really really don’t get off the couch rest.

Oh, and I am totally obsessed with my heart rate monitor. I’m working on figuring out all the bells and whistles, but this sucker is fantastic!

C25K Training Instagram Style!

Zumba! By wearing my HRM I now have a better estimate of how many calories I am burning in that sweaty class. Yeah buddy!

My Total Body Shred is killing it in the burning calories category too. In this class my heart rate stays “in the zone” for about 90% of the class and my hamstrings are still thanking me for it three days later. Saturday mornings are all about kettle bell swings, crunches and ridiculous amounts of squats.

The most notable workout from last week was my attempt at Ultimate Boot Camp. My buddy, Tiffany, sent a few of us girlies an email asking if we were interesting in trying out a free boot camp in Boston Common. I figured it would be a fun thing to try and I liked the idea of braving the great outdoors in Boston during a particularly tough week.

I got there a little early so I walked through the garden a little. It had started to get a little overcast, which really matched the mood of the city. It was both heartbreaking and refreshing to be outside at the same time.

Just in case I was worried about my safety, there was plenty of protection around. FYI…seeing a million police officers is actually not as comforting as you would think.

Back to the class…I hated it. Well, hate is a strong word. How about I will never go back? Ugh. I shouldn’t say never, but it will be a long time before I consider it. Boot camp is just not for me.

We started with running. If you look above you will see that I am a newbie to running. Coming in next to last on my first exercise is not quite the confidence booster I was needing that day. It just got worse from there. Partner exercises, more running, and rolling around on the damp dirty ground.

There were two particular incidents that just make me just cringe when I think about them. The first was while running. I was making my v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. lap around the park area when a group of teenage boys decided to hop over to do a little commentary. As I was approaching them I heard them discussing some girls “rock hard ass” and another woman’s “junk in the trunk” and her need to clean out that truck. I just knew there were going to make comments. Instead they did something even worse…they started cheering me on! Teenage boys felt so bad for me they were encouraging me. Ugh…

The second incident is referred to here on out as the “Scampering Event”. We had to pair off and I paired with a stranger (cue dirty looks to Karen & Tiffany). The exercise was that Partner 1 would be on the ground in plank position on her forearms. Partner 2 would then jump over her back. Then Partner 1 would move to downward dog and Partner 2 would crawl, or scamper, underneath her. Seriously. My perfect stranger BFF and I were rubbing up on each other in ways that were not appropriate. Neither of us were very tall and I have a big butt. It was not a good combo.

By the time we were done, I was tired and dirty. Boot camp probably would give amazing results, but it just isn’t for me. I will stick to air conditioning and the gym, thank you very much.

I knew that it wore me out because the next morning I found my sports bra just hanging randomly on my bathroom cabinet. I have no idea how it got there.

And despite what a rough week it was, there was also some fun. I went to see the Dirty Projectors in concert in Portsmouth, NH.

I also went to a cult classic movie called The Room at midnight and threw spoons at the screen (don’t ask, I didn’t get it either).

I watched some ducks in the garden courting each other.

And I gave back to my community by spending some $$$. Well, a few local stores, Forever 21 and Marshalls to be exact. I picked up this Cynthia Rowley dress, which doesn’t quite fit YET, but is on the verge of being perfect. Now when it is, I am the proud owner of it. I hope this is not a purchase I regret in the future. Oh boy. Also, have I just noticed that every time I go to try on clothes I look like a hot mess. Why do I do that to myself?!

So that is that. Add in some quality time with the Mutt and you are all caught up on what I’ve been doing. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to enjoy the week. Back to spinning this week AND maybe some cooking. Get crazy kids!


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Julie April 23, 2013 at 10:58 am

You look great, girl! 🙂


agirlandhermutt April 23, 2013 at 1:03 pm

Thanks so much!


Karen April 23, 2013 at 1:58 pm

1. I’ve known Tiffany for years, and scampering still was more than a little awkward. I do NOT scamper! 2. That dress is gorgeous and you do look great. We need to plan a night out as soon as it fits, because before too long it’s going to be too big!


agirlandhermutt April 26, 2013 at 10:42 am

We are not scamperers. I’ve made note of this. Permanently.


Tiffany April 23, 2013 at 7:20 pm

Ahem…I notice that you conveniently left out the part about how you and Karen quickly partnered up for the first bootcamp activity, leaving me to the mercy of a stranger! 😉 And the scampering was definitely a loser all around–no fun for tall people either! Glad you were willing to give it a try with me, even though we all decided that it wasn’t for us…


agirlandhermutt April 26, 2013 at 10:44 am

I don’t have to tell all parts of the story for them to get the idea. 😉

I’m glad I went too. I survived!


Noelle Reese April 24, 2013 at 9:10 am

That poor bra was in desperate need of some serious alone time! It too was rubbing on a stranger and was not ready to jump in the dirty clothes with everyone else??? LOL
You look like a million bucks!
And for the last time I am so happy you are safe and sound and back to happy! Salads and beer mmmmmm yummy!


agirlandhermutt April 26, 2013 at 10:44 am

I can understand how my bra feels. Heh. 😉


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