Currently: December

by agirlandhermutt on December 12, 2013

Whoa boy. It is Thursday. When did that happen?! These past few days have been filled with Holiday celebrations, a few sweaty workouts, and lots of daydreaming about vacation.

I don’t know much, but I do know that it is time for a Currently! I stole this version from my buddy Oatmeal Lauren, who does NOT go by that name but I can’t stop calling her that.


Currently: December

Current books:

This is going to make me sound really smart, but I don’t have any books on the Kindle right now. As a matter of fact, my Kindle has been dead for 2 weeks and I haven’t even bothered charging it! I have several books on the list to start reading and I’m looking forward to Christmas time for some uninterrupted quality reading time.

Current music:

I’m not embarrassed to tell you this. I love Miley Cyrus. More specifically her music.

Don’t judge. We all have our moments.

Current guilty pleasure:
Did you see above?! I’ve also been watching Bob’s Burgers over and over and over.

Current nail color:
My work holiday party was this past weekend and my dress was a deep plum color. I decided to go grey and dark purple to match it.


Current drink:
WATER! WATER! wine. This time of year I can’t say no to a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or a Petite Syrah if my life depended on it.

Current food:
I’m on a bit of an Asian kick lately. Chinese food. Sushi. MISO SOUP! Mmm…

Current favorite show:
Bob’s Burgers. I’m on a weird repeat watching phase.

Current wish list:
These sneakers.

This jacket. (without the weird button down under it)

And this eyeshadow palette.

Current needs:
A few more hours in the day. Don’t we all?!

Current triumphs:
I’ve successfully planned two holiday parties this week! Both were a lot of fun and perfect for getting me into the holiday spirit.

Current bane of my existence:
I don’t hate snow, but ice and I are enemies.

Current celebrity crush:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He is just too cute.


Current indulgence:
Fortunately this isn’t a regular current indulgence, but it is one that I had this week. Profiteroles! These things were amazing and also split by 15 people.

Current blessing:
This kid.

Current slang:
I don’t really do a lot of slang, but I do have a tendency to repeat the same phrases over and over. “Ya idion.” “You have to be kidding me.”  “Uh…no.”

Current outfit:
I’ve discovered Stitch Fix (referral link alert!). I’m sure you all know what that is so I won’t bore ya. This zigzag top, navy jeans, and gold chain were items I kept from my box. It is amazing.

Current excitement:
Just a few more days until I’m in sunny Florida!

Current mood:
Surprisingly good! and tired. But good!

Current link:
Basically anything that shows up under the “cute” category on BuzzFeed is tops in my book. I love that site! Please watch the little girl sign her holiday concert for her deaf parents. Seriously. So cute.


I hope you guys are having a good December! I’ll see ya next week!

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Lina December 12, 2013 at 5:52 pm

I can’t wait to see you!!! Don’t forget our date to hangout!


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