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by agirlandhermutt on December 17, 2013

For the past few years I have created a fun list of things I wanted to do from birthday to birthday. This year, on my 33rd birthday, I made a list of 33 things I wanted to accomplish. It is the 33While33 list! Funny enough, my year has been really exciting and for many reasons that aren’t on this list. My birthday is a little under 2 months from now so I thought I would see how I was doing.

Spoiler Alert: I need some work! ;)


1.    Visit the Mysic Aquarium.
-Not yet. I had plans to visit the Aquarium when I was CT in January for the Mohegan Sun Winefest, but our plans changed when a winter storm warning came in over night. Ugh. I think I will be able to knock this one off the list before my birthday though!

2.    Travel to a new state.
-DONE! I visited Utah in May for the Blend Retreat. If you had asked me what state I would visit at the beginning of the year, I would not have guessed Utah in a MILLION YEARS. However, I had a wonderful time and state was gorgeous with a ton of really nice people. Who knew?! ;)

3. Visit a Zoo.
-Done! I was able to spend a lovely day at the San Diego Zoo.

4.    Read 15 non-book club books.
Not yet, but I’m moving along on this one quite nicely.

5.    Do something musical (learn an instrument, attend an opera, etc)
-I bought a guitar! Does that count? I have been slightly learning through YouTube, but I really am hoping to get in a class in the Spring. The BF and I also went to the first ever Boston Calling music festival. It was 2 days in the cold and rain, but we had a fantastic time.

6.    Sew 5 items.
-I’m almost there! I’ve done 3 little things (hand warmers!), but I really want to get a set of pillow cases done.

7.    Complete 3 30-day challenges.
-Almost! In May I did “Spend Less May!” and in July I did “Dry in July”. I’m hoping to do one more in January. I just don’t know what that could be though. Any suggestions?

8.    Learn to bake macaroons and take them to a party.
-I’ve looked up recipes?

9. Try 33 different beers and/or wine.
Done! That was much easier than expected after a visit to the Great American Beer Festival and the WineFest.

10. Run a 5k…again.
-DONE! I completed the Electric Run.

11.   Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
-Kind of. I  walked around it, near it, under it, but just not across it.

(Technically this is the Manhattan Bridge, but you get the idea.)

12.   Eat at a Tom Colichio restaurant.

13. Try 3 New-to-Me workouts.
-Done! This ended up being a much easier challenge than expected..- TRX; Ultimate Boot Camp; Summer Shred!; Flywheel; Indoor Rock Climbing

This is where the list starts to go south and not nearly as many have been worked on.

14.   Participate in a murder mystery dinner.
-Not yet.

15.   Learn to play poker.

16.   Organize, scan and store old photos.
-Not even close.

17.   See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.
-No, but there are plans in the works!

18.   Take Korky on a day trip.
-Kind of. He has been accompanying me on all my errands this year. Its been fun.

19.   Buy a car!
-Long story short…no. I got something small fixed in my car and it ended up being the solution to several issues no one has been able to figure out previously. Sticking with it for a bit longer. Waaahhh.

20.   Make 5 non-recipe Pinterest items.
-I’m working on this one.

21.    Take 3 hikes.
-So close! I’m hoping for a snow shoe hike in January to finish this one up.- Red Rocks & Chautauqua

22.    Have a proper picnic.
-Nope. Probably not going to happen since there will be snow on the ground from now until April.

23.    Go vegan for a week.
-I haven’t done this yet, but it is coming in January!

24.    Become scuba certified.
-No. I think I might have a fear of drowning.

25.    Really learn to ride my bike (gears, change tire, etc).
-Yesss? Maybe. Kind of. I can change gears and have learned a ton more about my bike, but I still can’t change a tire. Story of my life.

26.    Try 5 new foods.
-Oddly enough, I think I have done this but don’t even realize it.

27.    Host a DIY salad & pizza night.
-No. I’m not sure why though!

28.    Learn to open a coconut.
-No. So sad. This one is an easy one too!

29.    Walk to Mordor.
-Almost! I’ve been having problems with my Nike Fuel so I haven’t been tracking outside of the gym as much.

30.    Make at least 1 dish from each of my cookbooks.
-Ha! I ended up getting rid of most of my cookbooks. They were taking up space and just had to go. So, no. I have not done this one.

31.    Learn to make dog treats that Korky will actually enjoy.
-I’ve made treats. He has not enjoyed them. I’m working on this one!

32.    Eat lobster in Maine.
-Not yet. Although it was pointed out to me that I have eaten lobster in Maine on 2 different occasions before. Ha!

33.    Go skydiving!
-Nope. It is possible this might not be for me either.


I’ve got some work to do over the next few months!

I hope you guys are having a great week. Its getting ready to snow…again. I’m ready to escape to Florida already!

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