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by agirlandhermutt on December 17, 2013

For the past few years I have created a fun list of things I wanted to do from birthday to birthday. This year, on my 33rd birthday, I made a list of 33 things I wanted to accomplish. It is the 33While33 list! Funny enough, my year has been really exciting and for many reasons that aren’t on this list. My birthday is a little under 2 months from now so I thought I would see how I was doing.

Spoiler Alert: I need some work! 😉


1.    Visit the Mysic Aquarium.
Not yet. I had plans to visit the Aquarium when I was CT in January for the Mohegan Sun Winefest, but our plans changed when a winter storm warning came in over night. Ugh. I think I will be able to knock this one off the list before my birthday though!

2.    Travel to a new state.
DONE! I visited Utah in May for the Blend Retreat. If you had asked me what state I would visit at the beginning of the year, I would not have guessed Utah in a MILLION YEARS. However, I had a wonderful time and state was gorgeous with a ton of really nice people. Who knew?! 😉

3. Visit a Zoo.
-Done! I was able to spend a lovely day at the San Diego Zoo.

4.    Read 15 non-book club books.
Not yet, but I’m moving along on this one quite nicely.

5.    Do something musical (learn an instrument, attend an opera, etc)
I bought a guitar! Does that count? I have been slightly learning through YouTube, but I really am hoping to get in a class in the Spring. The BF and I also went to the first ever Boston Calling music festival. It was 2 days in the cold and rain, but we had a fantastic time.

6.    Sew 5 items.
I’m almost there! I’ve done 3 little things (hand warmers!), but I really want to get a set of pillow cases done.

7.    Complete 3 30-day challenges.
-Almost! In May I did “Spend Less May!” and in July I did “Dry in July”. I’m hoping to do one more in January. I just don’t know what that could be though. Any suggestions?

8.    Learn to bake macaroons and take them to a party.
I’ve looked up recipes?

9. Try 33 different beers and/or wine.
Done! That was much easier than expected after a visit to the Great American Beer Festival and the WineFest.

10. Run a 5k…again.
DONE! I completed the Electric Run.

11.   Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
Kind of. I  walked around it, near it, under it, but just not across it.

(Technically this is the Manhattan Bridge, but you get the idea.)

12.   Eat at a Tom Colichio restaurant.

13. Try 3 New-to-Me workouts.
-Done! This ended up being a much easier challenge than expected..- TRX; Ultimate Boot Camp; Summer Shred!; Flywheel; Indoor Rock Climbing

This is where the list starts to go south and not nearly as many have been worked on.

14.   Participate in a murder mystery dinner.
-Not yet.

15.   Learn to play poker.

16.   Organize, scan and store old photos.
-Not even close.

17.   See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.
No, but there are plans in the works!

18.   Take Korky on a day trip.
Kind of. He has been accompanying me on all my errands this year. Its been fun.

19.   Buy a car!
Long story short…no. I got something small fixed in my car and it ended up being the solution to several issues no one has been able to figure out previously. Sticking with it for a bit longer. Waaahhh.

20.   Make 5 non-recipe Pinterest items.
-I’m working on this one.

21.    Take 3 hikes.
-So close! I’m hoping for a snow shoe hike in January to finish this one up.- Red Rocks & Chautauqua

22.    Have a proper picnic.
-Nope. Probably not going to happen since there will be snow on the ground from now until April.

23.    Go vegan for a week.
-I haven’t done this yet, but it is coming in January!

24.    Become scuba certified.
No. I think I might have a fear of drowning.

25.    Really learn to ride my bike (gears, change tire, etc).
Yesss? Maybe. Kind of. I can change gears and have learned a ton more about my bike, but I still can’t change a tire. Story of my life.

26.    Try 5 new foods.
Oddly enough, I think I have done this but don’t even realize it.

27.    Host a DIY salad & pizza night.
No. I’m not sure why though!

28.    Learn to open a coconut.
No. So sad. This one is an easy one too!

29.    Walk to Mordor.
Almost! I’ve been having problems with my Nike Fuel so I haven’t been tracking outside of the gym as much.

30.    Make at least 1 dish from each of my cookbooks.
Ha! I ended up getting rid of most of my cookbooks. They were taking up space and just had to go. So, no. I have not done this one.

31.    Learn to make dog treats that Korky will actually enjoy.
-I’ve made treats. He has not enjoyed them. I’m working on this one!

32.    Eat lobster in Maine.
Not yet. Although it was pointed out to me that I have eaten lobster in Maine on 2 different occasions before. Ha!

33.    Go skydiving!
-Nope. It is possible this might not be for me either.


I’ve got some work to do over the next few months!

I hope you guys are having a great week. Its getting ready to snow…again. I’m ready to escape to Florida already!

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Evelyn December 18, 2013 at 2:15 pm

Love that you do this! you have inspired me to do the same.


Evelyn December 18, 2013 at 2:17 pm

1. Make at least 5 homemade gifts for friends.
2. Visit the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.
3. Watch the sunrise
4. Visit an out of town friend/family
5. Give someone flowers/gift for no reason.
6. “Unplug” for one week at home. No computer, internet, or surfing on the phone.
7. Complete 365 (photo- one a day)
8. Watch Gone with the Wind
9. watch top 10 Indy films
10. Send (only) homemade birthday cards to friends/family
11. Take a class
12. Volunteer
13. Make reservations for next NYE
14. Take a photo for every letter of the alphabet
15. Go camping
16. See a play/concert
17. Go vegetarian for 1 week.
18. Make ravioli/pasta from scratch.
19. Lose an unspecified about of weight
20. Learn to cook 12 new meals
21. Give up drinking for 30 days
22. Try making fresh brewed tea
23. Less plastic bags from the grocery store
24. Visit 3 museum
25. Try 2 new Ethnic restaurants
26. Exercise/walk
27. Go on a proper picnic.
28. Contribute to savings account
29. Bring lunch to work more often
30. Limit drinking soda
31. Host a girls dinner party.
32. Drink more water
33. Continue to avoid using credit cards
34. Take vitamins daily
35. Go to the Topsfield fair/Big E similar
36. Visit Nantucket
37. Be kind to everyone 🙂 even when in a rush



Jan @ Sprouts n Squats December 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm

Love your long list of things to achieve that is awesome 🙂

Poker is difficult to learn but can be lots of fun when you know it.


Noelle December 19, 2013 at 9:11 am

8 made me laugh out loud. I have not been doing much of that <3 You are still winning Girlfriend! You totally have this and at least you have looked at recipes that is a HUGE start in my book LOL <3


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