Happy January 6th!

by agirlandhermutt on January 6, 2014

Happy January 6th! I’m about 6 days behind the rest of the world. Yay! That feels about typical. I feel like this is my New Year’s Day because I spent the first few days of the new year battling a mega cold. Like one that gets you all swollen and snotty. Despite the fact that I’m working through the tail end of this cold I’m ready to GET.TO.WORK. 2014 is going to be the year of being Consistent & Persistent!

ACK! Consistency is not necessarily my strongest personality trait. Hello?! This blog is a perfect example. I’ve left my little spot on the world desolate for days on end at points. I had things to say, but didn’t really want to make the effort to sit down and write things down.

I also really didn’t get consistent with my working out until the last half of the year. Hitting the gym would be a priority for a few weeks and then nuttin’. I would give up for a few weeks and become BFF with my couch. Healthy eating + No workout= No results. Then I had an a-ha type of moment and discovered that I LOVED the gym. I started going often and next thing I knew it was part of my schedule. And I loooove a good schedule.

So this year I’m attacking life hardcore! I’m being consistent and I’m being persistent when it gets tough.

And to start off the year right I made some January goals. I’m focusing on 5 big things this month…

Drink 1 gallon of water a day. I feel better. I look better. I pee like a champ!
Workout 6 days a week. 5 of those are my MShell Fitness workouts and the other is spinning or yoga or some other random class I find.
Get in 3.3 miles a day (outside of working out!) for the Tone It Up #150byVDay challenge.
Track! Use MyFitnessPal for my food and wear my new FitBit Zip. Yay for new gadgets!
Lose 10 lbs. Is this a big goal? Yes. But if I can stick to the 4 above those 10 lbs are just going to melt off. Well, at least it doesn’t hurt to try!

I love doing the monthly goals so I’m going to keep that up as long as it feels right. Sound good?

That covers the fitness department of my life, but what about this little blog?

Well…I’m making a big move. There are a few changes (same name, different look!) coming and I’m putting together a schedule. Heh. I’m really hoping that the minute I say this schedule that it doesn’t just fly out the window.

My plan is to blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 3 days a week! Hopefully you will check back to see my Weekly Weigh-Ins, Favorites, workout updates, recipes and just basic life updates throughout the year. I love sharing bits and pieces with you and hopefully this schedule will help me share in a more organized and less snooze-fest way. Of course, I’ll continue posting on a daily basis over on Instagram. Come follow me!

2014 is my year folks. Korky and I are taking life by storm and we are ready to have a fantastic year! Happy January 6th! Let’s do this!


One last, but totally not related, note…tonight is the BCS National Championship game between FSU and Auburn!

I’m a lifelong FSU fan and a 2001 FSU Alumni so I will be war chanting and tomahawk chopping my arm off tonight. I’m ready to see them bring home the championship. GO SEMINOLES!!!

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Lauren January 6, 2014 at 10:38 pm

Great goals – you’re such an inspiration, I know you’ll accomplish them!


Noelle January 7, 2014 at 9:34 pm

AWESOME goals! I ordered the FitBit Force today! It should be here Thursday! I am pretty excited about it! My sister has one and I guess we can motivate each other 🙂
I love a good plan!!


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