33 While 33 Update…And a new list!

by agirlandhermutt on February 26, 2014

Hi folks! My birthday has come and gone so it is time to see how I did on my 33 While 33 list.

In general, I did pretty good! My life took a turn in a different, and even better, direction than I had expected and I ended up doing SO MANY THINGS. Just not really things that were on my list. Hey. I’ll take it. The idea of the original list was to get out of the box/schedule/routine and try new things. I feel confident that I did just that.

1. Visit the Mysic Aquarium.- NO! This is pathetic. Its been on my list for YEARS. We had a plan to go when I was down in CT at the beginning of last year but an ice storm came through and blew that plan out of the water.

2. Travel to a new state. Done! Utah for the Blend Retreat!

3. Visit a zoo. Done! 6/28 San Diego Zoo

4. Read 15 non-book club books. DONE! Just barely though. Literally 15 books as of the day before my birthday.

5. Do something musical (learn an instrument, attend an opera, etc)- Kind of? I bought a guitar. ha! I did go to a music festival though. Does that count? I’m going to count it. DONE!

6. Sew 5 items.- Done! Yes! I made cute little hand warmers.

7. Complete 3 30-day challenges.Almost! I did 2!1.Spend Less May! 2. Dry in July

8. Learn to bake macaroons and take them to a party.- Nope. Whoa. That requires a lot of ingredients and work.

9. Try 33 different beers and/or wines. Done! GABF!!!

10. Run a 5k…again.- Done! Electric Run

11. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.- Kind of. I walked under it!

12. Eat at a Tom Colichio restaurant.- Nope.

|13. Try 3 new-to-me workouts.- SOOO many new workouts this year! TRX; Ultimate Boot Camp; Summer Shred!; Flywheel; Indoor Rock Climbing

14. Participate in a murder mystery dinner.- Nope.

15. Learn to play poker.- No. So easy to do and I just never did it!

16. Organize, scan and store old photos.- Ha. Hahahahahaha.

17. See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.- NO! We were so close one weekend but something came up. Ugh.

18. Take Korky on a day trip.-I can’t remember! I take Korky everywhere with me when it is nice so I’m not sure why this one made the list in the first place. He is 13. He has no interest in day trips.

19. Buy a car!- No. Long story short…my car had a little tinkering done on it and now it runs perfectly. Knock on wood.

20. Make 5 non-recipe Pinterest items.- Yes! I was crafty in bursts throughout the year.

21. Take 3 hikes.- Red Rocks & Chautauqua

22. Have a proper picnic.- No. This year!!!

23. Go vegan for a week.- No. I’m not sure why. I don’t think this would be difficult for me.

24. Become scuba certified.- No. Change of plans. My Dad and I decided that our claustrophobia might not mix well with this. We will stick with snorkeling.

25. Really learn to ride my bike (gears, change tire, etc).- Kind of. I do so much better with changing my gears and feel more comfortable, in general. I still don’t know how to change my tire though.

26. Try 5 new foods.- YES!

27. Host a DIY salad & pizza night.- No. 🙁

28. Learn to open a coconut.- YES! My parents got one for me and I opened it right before I left for the airport while home for Christmas. I have pics to prove it.

29. Walk to Mordor.- No. I had a hard time keeping up and then started going to the gym for my exercise.

30. Make at least 1 dish from each of my cookbooks.- No. HA! I ended up getting rid of every cookbook but two.

31. Learn to make dog treats that Korky will actually enjoy.- No.

32. Eat lobster in Maine.- Yes? I was reminded by the BF that I have eaten lobster in Maine. Twice.

33. Go skydiving!- No. Change of plans and may not be a bucket list item. I’m not sure anymore.

I said for each that I accomplished I would give myself $5 to a new bag fund.
Total in the new bag fund=$75 (15 done!)

For each item I did not accomplish I would donate $5 to the Merwin Memorial Free Animal Clinic.
Total donation=$90 (18 not done!)


Now on to the NEW list!

1. Participate in an athletic event.
2. Visit the Mystic Aquarium. Pathetic.
3. See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.
4. Read at least 1 non-book club book a month.
5. Revamp the blog.
6. Hit my goal weight. You know, no big deal.
7. Find a budget software and stick with planned budget for the year.
8. Go vegan for a week.
9. Grow fresh herbs.
10. Bike more than 20 miles at one time.
11. Complete a workout challenge.
12. See more live music!
13. Host a girl’s night.
14. Visit at least 3 new breweries.
15. Have a Christmas tree.
16. Watch a sunrise at the beach.
17. Take a dance class.
18. Visit the arboretum.
19. Plan something fun for my 35th birthday!
20. Learn how to play the guitar. That I already own.
21. Go on a proper picnic.
22. Go fruit picking.
23. Attend a couples class (painting, cooking, etc)
24. See a play.
25. Learn to do a headstand.
26. Buy a bikini.
27. Go kayaking.
28. Visit the Harbor Islands.
29. Try every specialty spinning studio in town.
30. Learn to play poker.
31. Buy an original piece of artwork.
32. Have a wine & cheese night with no tv, just music.
33. Knit 3 things!
34. Get married!

For the items that I accomplish I will put $5 towards an unnecessary workout clothing purchase. Think Lululemon or new colorful sneakers. For those that I do not accomplish I will add $5 towards a donation to the MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center. <—Don’t worry. I donate on a regular basis, but this would be in addition to my yearly donation.


Stay tuned! I think this year is going to be a good one. 😉

See ya Friday with an update on my workouts, weight loss and everything health & fitness related in between.

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Natalie @ Free Range Human February 26, 2014 at 1:27 pm

Looks like you have a lot lined up in the next year! In particular, planning a wedding will be very exciting! Congratulations 🙂


Noelle February 27, 2014 at 9:39 am

Is it wrong that I am so excited about the wedding I clapped my hands? Maybe not wrong but weird? LOL I am SO EXCITED!! I can’t wait to read about all the fun things you accomplish on your list 🙂


Aimee March 8, 2014 at 5:04 pm

Yay! What a fun list. I should really make one for my birthday this year too. Need to follow your example. 🙂


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