Tri Training Recap: Week 9

by agirlandhermutt on June 30, 2014

Good morning! I’m battling the tail end of a nasty cold that started forming last Sunday when I was in NYC. It was brutal around Tuesday, but by the weekend I was almost on point. Despite the cold, I did a decent job with my training!


Week 9 Triathlon Training

: 5k Run
Actual: Zumba. I was starting not to feel good and wasn’t up for running.

Scheduled: Pure Barre & Swim Lesson
Actual: Nothing. I left work early and ended up just sleeping the rest of the day.

Scheduled: Spinning & 10 min run
Actual: Spinning & 10 min run. I finally got around to trying a spin class at my regular gym. The class was ok, but I could have done with some different music. I was a little slow for both, but it was good to be back to doing something normal. My legs didn’t feel like total jelly so I figured that was a good sign I was feeling a bit better.

Scheduled: Swim Lesson & Practice
Actual: Swim lesson & practice! Thursday was my last swim class. It was a great class and it felt good to have my nose all cleared out for a few minutes. I left class feeling a lot more confident in my swimming skills than I did a month ago!

Scheduled: Zumba
Actual: Zumba. I probably should have run instead, but I was looking forward to Zumba and didn’t want to give it up since there will be no class on the 4th.

Scheduled: Total Body Melt & Bike Ride
Actual: 40 mile bike ride! The BF and I drove down to Rhode Island to try a new-to-me trail. We did some biking around Providence and then finally got on the trail to ride 15 miles out to Bristol. We rode a little bit around there, had lunch and relaxed and then rode back. Total was about 40 miles and it was lovely! My butt was killing me by the end, but I didn’t feel totally wiped.

These longer rides mean that I am out in the sun much more than usual. I have a history with skin cancer (a different story for another day) so I HAVE to sunscreen it up when I’m out in the sun. In general, I’m a sun worshipper. This does not go well with my super Irish white girl skin. About a month ago I was sent some samples of Coppertone’s CLEARLYSheer sunscreen line through BzzAgent. This stuff is amazing! It isn’t greasy, doesn’t smell like typical sunscreen and it doesn’t sweat off into my eyes. I carry this little spray bottle with me when I ride for reapplying and that little tube is in my purse at all times now. I have been using it on my face with no breakouts. Perfect! I do have quite a bit of color on my skin still because the large number of hours I’m out there, but no painful burns or bright red patches.

Scheduled: Yoga
Actual: 1 hr swim & stretching. I had the time and the pool was open so I figured I would get in my first swim all on my own. I did pretty good! I’m SUPER slow, but I was able to swim about 1000m in an hour. I was still battling my cold so my breathing was a bit more difficult, but overall, I felt good!

After my swim I met up with my spinning buddy, Megan, for lunch and to make the final arrangements for a vacation we are going on together in August. So excited! Is anyone else a bag lady every now and then?! So many bags, so many places to go.

Several Tone It Up community members from Instagram decided to do another mileage challenge. This time we are aiming for 175 miles logged by Labor Day (September 1st). Miles can be logged through any high intensity cardio.

Run 1 mile= 1 mile
Bike 3 miles= 1 mile
Swim 1 mile= 3 miles
High Intensity Cardio 10 minutes= 1 mile

Weekly Total of “Miles” for the #175byLaborDay challenge: 30!
Total Miles: 30!


Week 10 Triathlon Training

Monday- Spinning
Tuesday- Run
Wednesday- Swim
Thursday- Run
Friday- Swim
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Long bike ride

My training is a little vague and basic this week because on Tuesday my Dad arrives for a visit! I’m definitely going to be getting in my training, but I’m not exactly sure for how long each day. The triathlon is just a few weeks away and I can’t afford to slack on anything. I need to get a touch faster in all areas of the race!

Have a great week! The plan is to blog a little more this week so let’s see how that works out for me. Heh. 😉 See ya!


*Just a note…I received the Coppertone CLEARLYSheer sunscreen for no charge from BzzAgent. As always, opinions are my own. I honestly really like the sunscreen and wanted to share it with those of you in the market for a sunscreen that doesn’t suck.*

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