Week of Workouts: 10/6- 10/12

by agirlandhermutt on October 13, 2014

Hi folks! After last weekend’s Showerette shenanigans, when I started to get back into the week the last thing I wanted to do was workout. However, it was the last week of Phase 2 for Your Trainer Paige Bootcamp, Week 5 of the Tone It Up Frisky Fall challenge and I’m getting married in less than a month. There is no time for me to be laying around!

Well…apparently there was plenty of time to lay around, which you will see below. Ugh.


Week of Workouts 10/6- 10-12

Nothing. My friend, Lina, left town early Monday morning so I missed my regular Pure Barre class. I had ever intention of working out when I got home. But then I didn’t. I napped and moped about not being with my friends. Monday is the BF’s late night for work/school so it was just me and Kork. Neither of us were in the mood to do much.

YTP Workout. Kind of. I did a crappy version of the workout. I was just having a really hard time getting motivated. And honestly? You need to have your crap together to do Paige’s workouts. They are hard (in a good way!) and you need to put your energy into them.

Pure Barre & YTP Workout. Finally back to the Barre. 4 days off was rough! I was starting to get my mojo back.

Pure Barre. In the morning! Phew. It was nice to get up early and go. I missed it! It was also a YTP workout day. Boom.

Ugh. I signed up for a special Pure Barre class that I was convinced was on Friday night. I skipped my morning PB class. Skipped my usual Zumba class. Then I realized that the class was actually this upcoming Friday. I was so bummed I just didn’t really do anything. I started a TIU workout and then decided that “nope”. I wasn’t into it. The BF could tell that this past week was a bit rough for me so he rallied the troops (well, just us) and we headed out to get some BBQ and see Gone Girl. It was perfect.

Nada. At this point I could tell that I just needed some rest. I deliberately did not workout on Saturday. I did get my eyelashes refilled though! I also had a really fun night with the BF just being out and about in Cambridge.


We rode down to Harvard Sq and then spent the entire gorgeous day in Harvard Sq at the 36th Annual Oktoberfest. There was TONS of vendors, music acts and people just enjoying a lovely day.

It has been so long since I was on the bike. I can tell that my primary workout lately has been Pure Barre because my cardio endurance is poor. At best. This 3 month unlimited PB package has taught me a lot about my future approach to fitness. Thank goodness for YTP or I might have died on the 3 mile ride to Harvard Sq. 😉 However, I LOOK like I fell over at some point. Helmet hair FTW!

Insane lady!

The rest of the night was spent snuggling with the Mutt. He was super lovey and cuddly. My favorite Korky personality!

Can you spot the Korky?!


I’ve mentioned before that I go through small bouts of depression after vacations and holidays. I try my best to battle through them and I’ve definitely improved over the years. What would normally take me several weeks to recover is now boiled down to just a few days. I was super upset about workouts, or lack thereof, around Wednesday but then realized this is just what I have to deal with. So I missed a few workouts? Life isn’t going to end.

So that is that. This week will be better. I feel better. I’m ready to do better.

See you on later this week with a fun Fall Favorites tag. All of my favorites in beauty, fashion and fun for the Fall season!

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