Week of Workouts: 10/13- 10/19

by agirlandhermutt on October 20, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! I had one of those weeks where I thought Tuesday was Wednesday, Wednesday was Thursday, etc. By the time Friday rolled around, I was pooped and ready for the weekend. Despite my lack of knowing what day it was, I had a pretty great workout week! I finally felt back in the game and managed to get all my scheduled sweat sessions in.


Week of Workouts 10/13- 10/19

Pure Barre & YTP Bootcamp. A great start to the week.

Cardio Kickboxing! The BF made it home in time to go with me. We haven’t been to the gym together in a few weeks so it was nice to have my gym buddy back.

Pure Barre & YTP Bootcamp. My favorite instructor, Elise, has been subbing in the afternoon Pure Barre class so I’ve been taking advantage of those classes.

Pure Barre. I wanted to get my YTP Bootcamp session in after work, but I ran out of time before book club. Our book for the month was Orphan Train by . I didn’t finish it. Whomp Whomp. However, I did remember to make a dish to bring with me! I used a SkinnyTaste recipe, Fiesta Lime Rice, with a few tweaks.

I used white beans, added some leftover orange peppers, and cilantro microgreens. Delish!

Jeanne, our host, made the Skinny Taste Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. I’ve been eating the same chili since she first published it back on the blog in 2011. This recipe is fantastic and never fails to please a crowd. The rice went perfectly with it!

Boom. Finally I managed to bring something to the party other than Skinny Pop!

Pure Barre. But a little different! I went to the Newton location for a Black Light Beyonce class. Bey Day on Friday!

It was so fantastic! The class was also at 7:30p and ended up being one my best classes yet. Working out at night is one of my favorites. Too bad I can’t do that the rest of the week!

I decided to wear a blue & white striped Lulu top. Can you spot me?!

Total Body Melt. A last minute decision by the BF to join me at the gym meant a fun class. It was all about shoulders and arms at class and it was brutal!

I finally bought new batteries for my HRM. I’ve already managed to misplace the stupid chest strap though. Ugh.

That night we took a little trip down to Providence for a Jimmy Eat World concert.

It was so much fun! My decision to wear flannel to the concert was a good one. I blended right in.

On the way home I convinced the BF to listen to the Serial podcast so I could have someone to talk about the story with. Do any of you listen to this podcast? YOU MUST! It is a truly sad, but fascinating story.

Unfortunately, I finished the night with the start of a migraine. I haven’t had a migraine in months so it was terrifying. I took my meds and went straight to bed.

Rest Day. I woke up with no migraine, but also not a lick of energy. I normally go to Zumba on Sunday mornings but I skipped it to just lay in bed. The rest of the day was spent just running a few errands (Dog grooming…FINALLY!) and laying around the house. I didn’t have Sunday scheduled as a rest day, but I also hadn’t really planned on anything specific. It was nice to just rest, recover and prepare for a great week!


I hope you guys have a good week! I realized yesterday that my Fall Tag post never went live on the blog (ugh.) so I’m going to try again on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

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