Getting into the holiday spirit

by agirlandhermutt on December 4, 2014

Hello, hello, hello! Back when I actually blogged on a regular basis I would tell you what I was actually up to in my real life. You know, fun things. Since I apparently have decided to become a crappy blogger, that has kind of gone out the window. But I’ve done some really fun things in the last week that I wanted to share so I’m going to do just that!


I don’t have a real Thanksgiving Day recap. My husband and I went out to dinner followed by drinks in Harvard Square. It sounds much sadder than it really was.

We had a good time, had good food and didn’t have to worry about leftovers. Friday was a regular work day for me and he left for a long trip half way across the world. Not exactly conducive to eating leftover turkey sandwiches while laying on your couch in your pjs. No one wants to eat turkey sandwiches and stuffing all alone.

Although I wasn’t too heartbroken about not having to cook a big huge turkey (booo hooo!), I did miss all the glorious sides that go with Thanksgiving. I got it in my head to throw a “Leftovers Party” for my girlfriends and I the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

One can not throw a party during the holidays without having some form of holiday cheer/decorations. I was a little bummed out that the Husband was gone on Friday night so I went to Home Depot and bought out their entire Christmas decorations section of the store. Retail therapy at its finest.

No, we don’t have a single photo on our walls in the living room. We are undecisive…and lazy. Mostly lazy. 😉

If you aren’t familiar with houses in Boston, everything is old. It takes a little getting used to when you move from somewhere like Florida where everything is new, but it ends up giving the house tons of character. For instance, those purple walls and wallpaper wouldn’t be my first choice in a house I owned, but in a rental? Sure, why not.

Several of my family and friends gifted us with lovely items from our Crate & Barrel registry that I was able to bust out and use. I LOVE the simple, but classic look of their serving dishes.

Truffle Deviled Eggs (recipe from Real Girl’s Kitchen by Haley Duff)

Ironically, there was only one person who actually brought leftovers. The rest of us ended up making food for the get-together. Figures.

My contributions to the dinner included Personal Sized Garlic Monkey Bread, Sautéed Brussels & Prosciutto, Funeral Potatoes/Hashbrown Casserole and Apple Pie Roll-Ups. I enjoyed every single one of these dishes!

Who doesn’t enjoy an entirely beige meal?! CARBS!CARBS!CARBS!

My friend, Karen, makes a standout Turkey Enchilada dish and Tiffany brought over Mashed Potato Stuffing. Ummm…I’m never eating stuffing without mashed potatoes insides the dish ever again. What have I been doing with my life?!

Oh, and the best part?! We wore pjs. Really, all dinner parties should include sitting around in your stretchy pants with no bra on.


To keep the holiday spirit alive, the same group met up on Tuesday for a night of painting (and wine) at The Paint Bar.

I have about a million paintings that I’ve done at The Paint Bar lying around my house so we have been trying to hit up the more unique projects that they have been hosting. The last time we painted was back in September when we went apple picking and painted a tote bag. This time it was a Christmas Countdown!

Didn’t we all do a pretty good job?! I love how they are essentially the same project but with little hints of our own personality in each of them!


In other news…I decided to mark #8 off my 34 While 34 list, Eat vegan for a week. A Facebook friend kept mentioning a 21 Day Raw Food Challenge that she was taking part in so I figured that I would give it a try. It isn’t 100% raw (there is some quinoa and a few other cooked goodies), but it does introduce the idea of raw meals and is 100% vegan. I’m on Day 4 of the challenge and things are moving along swimmingly!

My house is loaded up to the roof with produce and other raw foods!

This is a little sneak peek at one of my meals from the other night. It is the Almost Raw Rainbow Bowl. There is raw sweet potato, carrots, salsa, quinoa and hummus in this bad boy. I’ve been posting pictures of my meals over on Instagram if you want to see more.

I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes. It certainly is an interesting (and gassy) challenge and one that I’ll be super proud to say that I finished. You all know how I love a good challenge!


Last topic to update you on…Korky!

Long story short, he is depressed without his buddy here.

My husband is his BFF and he is missing him something fierce. I am definitely his mom, but he is like his cool uncle that he prefers hanging out with more than me. I’m the one who remembers to give him his pills, apply his ear ointment, etc. You know, all the things he really doesn’t like to do.

If you are looking for Kork at any point in the day, he is in one of his beds.

Poor little nugget. Hopefully he cheers up sooner rather than later.


I hope you guys are having a good week! Talk to you soon!

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