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by agirlandhermutt on March 3, 2015

When I was younger I remember my aunt talking about how she had a 5 lb safety zone. Her weight could fluctuate 5 lbs either way and she wouldn’t worry. Any more than that and she would start to pay a little more attention to what she was eating. I used to think that was so strange. Who cares about 5 lbs?! Uh. Apparently I do. I gained a little over 14 lbs while I was in the hospital. Since then I have had a really hard time losing the water weight and watching my actual weight because of my soft foods diet. Soft foods=Easy carbaholics meal. It should be no surprise that my weight is still sitting pretty at more than 5 lbs above my pre-hospital weight. Which, if we are being honest, was not my goal weight either.

Before my throat surgery, I had a knee surgery planned for 2/20. I had come up with a plan to keep my weight in check while my exercise/movement was limited. Fortunately I did this because I was able to adapt that plan to use for my unexpected surgery.


I mentioned in my high-low post that I joined Weight Watchers. I was doing the whole plan online with success, but I had a lot of questions and realized I missed that whole meeting aspect of the plan. I went to my first meeting last Thursday and REALLY liked the leader. I connected with her story and her approach to the plan. Plus, she lost significant amount of weight (125 lbs!). Don’t get me wrong. I KNOW how hard it is to lose 20 lbs, but I can connect much more to someone who has struggled with losing a significant amount of weight. Fortunately, I’m not in the boat where I have to lose 100+ lbs but I still have about 40 lbs I want to lose.

For those that are WW pros, then you will get me when I say that I have to track my points. I listened intently on the Simply Filling aspect of the plan (eat until satiated of power foods), but I don’t quite have that whole “just eat till satisfied” piece down quite yet. If I did I probably wouldn’t need WW. I have a ton of emotions, both good AND bad, going on and fun fact…I’m an emotional eater. Happy? Eat a good meal! Sad? Eat a good meal! Meh? Eat a good meal! See the trend?!

So for now I am going to track and really keep tabs on what I’m eating. Which is needed because the things that are on my “soft foods” list don’t include my beloved salads. I know not everything healthy and good for me doesn’t have to come in a salad bowl, but it sure does make things easier. Instead I eat smaller portions and hope that I can develop that “oh this is just too much for me!” type attitude that I usually roll my eyes at. 😉

The only downside of going to the meetings vs online is the $$$. Online is about $20/month and meetings are $45/month. Sigh. I really like the support and the materials that are given out in the meetings so I’m making it a goal to stick with the meetings until I lose at least 20 lbs. Once I hit that mark I can evaluate whether or not I want to switch my plan up.


Well. My fitness part of the plan is just a hot mess. My last time at the gym before getting sick was Friday, January 23rd. Even at that point I was so tired that it was hard for me to get through some of the classes at the gym. I had no idea what the problem was but looking back I know that my illness was already popping up at that point.

I got the go ahead from my Infectious Disease (Seriously?! Ridic that I have one of these) to go back to the gym on Thursday morning. I was so excited!

Working out makes me feel good. I like the way my body looks when working out. I like the way I feel when I work out. I like the routine of going to the gym. I just like it all.

I made my first outing by myself on Friday night to Target. I could finally drive and I was ready to just wonder around the store for however long I wanted. More than 1.5 hrs later I made my way back home and was pooped! I ended up taking a little cat nap.

On Saturday, the Husband and I had an outing to do some shopping and walking around in Boston. According to my little pedometer app we walked about 3.5 miles on Saturday. I was feeling it when I got home. I walked in the door, laid on my bed and then passed out for a good 4 hours. 4 HOURS!

Have meds, will shop! I busted out my medication right in front of Gucci. Classy!

Sunday I was ready to go back to the gym. My mom and husband convinced me to take it easy on my first day back. I figured I would hop on the treadmill and just take it from there.

*Hold on while I catch my breath from laughing at how naive I was.*

I got on and immediately pushed the speed up to 3.5 and incline up to 3.0. I almost killed myself. I got my crap together, lowered the speed to 3.0 and the incline to 1.0. THAT was pushing it. I have a ton of tightness near my incision on my neck and it is just hard to breathe deeply. I started to sweat and then my neck started to itch. It was just a TO DO. On the treadmill!

I walked for 38 minutes and got to 2.0 miles. I varied the speed and the incline the whole time just trying to find a happy pace that pushed me but didn’t make me feel like I was going to die.

*Return of the creepy gym bathroom selfie!*

Then I cried.

I’ve worked so hard to get to my fitness level. With my knee issues and know this, I just felt a little defeated.

I know, I know. Stick with it and I will get back to where I was! But ugh. I want easy! Is that bad to say? Oh well. It is the truth. I did the work already and I want to reap the benefits right now!

So the plan is…stop whining and keep going.

My goal is to just move, in any way possible, 4 days a week. I’m taking Monday off to just relax. I overdid it a little over the weekend. Then back to the gym on Tuesday for a little elliptical action.

I have some follow-up tests on Wednesday so I will just have to play it by ear the rest of the week. But 4 days will happen!


I’ll keep you posted on how this plan works out for me. It is super simple and I think that is what I need right now. Back to square one!

I’m keeping in mind that I need to be consistent and persistent. I WILL get through this and I will reach my goal. I can’t promise there won’t be some tears in there and some sarcastic comments. BUT I will get there.

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Maureen Morgan March 3, 2015 at 5:40 pm

You are my inspiration and hero 🙂
Slow and steady wins the race!


agirlandhermutt March 4, 2015 at 2:13 pm

You got that right. I learned that from my Mom! 😉


Heather March 3, 2015 at 6:46 pm

You know what? Sometimes we all need to cry, even about the silliest thing. I would say this is one of those times where the tears arent silly and completely justified! I took a week off and am finding it hard to restart, I cant even imagine over a month!Keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading your blog and will be cheering for you the whole way!


agirlandhermutt March 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

Thank you so much for commenting! Good look on getting your restart going!


Rita March 4, 2015 at 9:07 am

Hi Erin, You are on track and your rehab is on point. You’re blessed to have love one’s guidance on taking it easy at first.:) Inch by inch it’s a cinch! An old saying but so true! lol Your disciple is encouraging! Have a great week!


agirlandhermutt March 4, 2015 at 2:14 pm

What a great saying and oh so true. Thanks!


Noelle Reese March 4, 2015 at 2:03 pm

Awww, big hugs! you have been through a whole lot! You earned that cry and you will also be right back where you were and even better in no time! You’ve got this!! 🙂


Evelyn March 6, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Such an inspiration! Loving the positive vibe


Mer March 6, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Sending good recovery vibes your way!!


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