TIU Bikini Series Breakdown: Week 2

by agirlandhermutt on April 19, 2015

Hello fellow TIU Bikini Series buddies! The week 2 workout schedule is live over on the Tone It Up website. Last week I got a few questions on figuring out what workout to do each day. I totally get that it can get a little confusing so I figured I would break it down a little.

If you own the Beach Babe DVDs then it is pretty easy to figure out what to do each day. If you don’t have them, you might have to do a little digging to find the workout you are interested in. For those, I’ll tell you the workouts that I would do and give you a list of alternative workouts. Got it? No? Eh. Just follow along.


Total Body!
: 45 minutes
(Suggestion: Bikini Cardio, I ususally do this on the elliptical.) BIKINI-SERIES-BIKINI-CARDIO_001
Toning: The Mermaid Workout

HIIT & Abs
: The NEW Hitty Bitty Bikini video will be live on the TIU website Tuesday morning.
(Suggestion: If the video isn’t live or you need to switch days around, check out the Hump Day HIIT video.)
Toning: Sleek & Slender Abs

Booty & Abs
Cardio: 30 minutes
(Suggestion: Fat Burning Treadmill Workout )
Toning: KettleToning & Daisy Dukes Workout

HIIT & Arms
Cardio: HIIT
(Suggestion: Stairmill Workout)

Toning: Bikini Arms & PM Stretch (Suggestion: Stretch & Release Workout)

Anything you want!
I’ll be hitting up my favorite Zumba class! Just get moving!

Get outside!
Cardio: 1 hr outside doing anything!

Sunday Runday!
: Complete a 5k.
(Suggestion: I’m not a runner so I do the 3 mile challenge at the gym. 1 mile on the treadmill, 1 mile on the elliptical and 1 mile on the stairmill.)


I hope this helps! Good luck on Week 2!

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Jen April 20, 2015 at 7:23 pm

Thanks for this Erin. Definitely saved me from spending a bunch of digging around time on the site 🙂


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