TIU Bikini Series Breakdown: Week 8

by agirlandhermutt on June 1, 2015

You guysss! It is the last week of the Bikini Series! Have you hung in there?! Are you doing good? Let me tell you…8 weeks is a long time! Right?!

One more week and then we are done!


Cardio & Total Body

Cardio: HIIT! If you haven’t tried the HITTy Bitty Bikini yet, this is the time to do it!

Toning: Fully Body. Bust out that kettlebell or dumbells for the Bikini Kettlebell workout.

PM Challenge: Sunset walk. 30 minutes walking. My favorite kind of challenges!

Cardio, Arms & Abs

Cardio: 20 min HIGH INTENSITY! I’ll be doing this Hump Day HIIT workout, but you can do anything you want. Just get moving and go hard!

Toning: Bikini Arms & a crapton of abs! Sunkissed Abs, Bikini Abs, Sleek & Slender Abs. Yep, 3 ab videos!

PM Challenge: Plan a #TIUMeetup. Honestly, I know there are tons of Boston TIU ladies in the area, but I haven’t been able to meet any of them. Fortunately, I have a few workout buddies in the area (well, really just one, but she is the best. Hi Megan!) so I will plan a workout with them soon.

Cardio & Booty

Cardio: Even cardio is all about the booty! Try out this Stairmill workout.


Toning: 3 more videos again! Burn baby, burn! Bikini Buns & Thighs, Bikini Booty Routine & 3 Moves to Toned Thighs.

PM Challenge: Be present! Take a minute to enjoy your day, your life, your friends, your family, your pets. Just be thankful and enjoy!

Cardio, Yoga & Abs

Cardio: 30 min of whatever you want! Try one of their HIIT workouts, go for a run, try a class. Just get moving!

Toning: Bikini Yoga Flow (or maybe a new yoga class?!) & Bikini Abs

PM Challenge: Take your after shots! I’m actually saving this for Sunday!

Cardio & Total Body

Cardio: INSANE Cardio!

Toning: The Mermaid workout. This is probably my favorite total body workout from TIU.

PM Challenge: Indulge in a healthy sweet treat! I see something with bananas in my future!

Set the Bar! If you own the Beach Babe DVD you can measure your progress. Take those after pics too!

You did it! 8 Weeks DONE! Did you stick with it? What would you do differently? What are you most proud of?! I’ll check back in with my results on Monday!


Have a good week! Just a few more days to get in those last miles towards your #100bySummer (or in my case, #200bySummer!). Grrrrr. I’m ready!

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