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by agirlandhermutt on October 12, 2015

Hello there! Despite having to use a cane to hobble around, I had a fantastic fall weekend. The perfect hoodie wearing, camp fire having, brunch enjoying weekend.


Fall is definitely my favorite time of year and believe it or not, it is not even because of pumpkin flavored everything. I actually don’t even really like anything pumpkin, except pie. Blasphemy! Fall just works for me. I’m cuter and in a better mood. Maybe it is because I’m not sweating likea pig?!

Since I had just had my surgery and was feeling a little ambitious, I made a few goals for October to kick off my favorite season. I’m *really* trying to keep my eating in check since I can’t exercise like I normally would. I had a nightmare where I saw myself blowing up pretty easily and I worked too dang hard to have that happen.  Enter goals. I’ll probably do goals for the remainder of the year too!


These goals are pretty self explanatory. By “Get back in saddle” I mean be back in a spinning class by the end of the month. EEK! I told my surgeon and physical therapist and they all think it is totally possible. Well, my PT thinks I might be a little nuts, but I’m cool with that.  I won’t be able to do everything (jumps, riding while standing up, etc), but I can participate and be back in the thick of things. I’m not a huge fan of jumps to begin with so this is just fine with me. I just miss the whole group exercise atmosphere!  I need my knee to be able to bend at 110 degrees to ride a bike. I was at around 95 degrees at my last PT appointment. I’ve got to keep WORKING!


With goals out of the way, I want to talk about some fun things.  Some of my fall favorites for beauty and fashion, a few of my favorite fall recipes (Hello crockpot!) and a few things I love about fitness during the best time of year.

We are starting off with my overall favorites with this Fall Favorites tag that I stole off YouTube from one of my guilty pleasure beauty gurus, Jaclyn Hill.


Favorite Candle
I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I don’t do candles. I’m deathly afraid of my house burning down! I’m a HUGE fan of simmer pots though. My favorite scent this year (and last year!) is Apple Press from Scentsy. It reminds me of apple picking, baking and all things outdoors.

Favorite Lip Color
I’m obsessed with a dark red lip! I mentioned last week in my Currently post that I’ve really been into liquid lipsticks. The color Unicorn Blood from Jeffree Star is just EVERYTHING.


Favorite Drink
There is something magical about mulled wine. Not only does it smell delicious but it just tastes so yummy and warms up every part of my body. There is a place in Harvard Square called Grendel’s Den that has THE BEST mulled wine in the world.

Favorite Blush

Sticking with the wine theme, I love IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush in Magical in Mauve. It is a gorgeous plummy color that is super pigmented and lovely on my super white girl skin.


Favorite Clothing Item
There was a serious struggle between scarfs and vests, but love definitely leans towards vests this year. Puffy, military style, drapey…I don’t care! I love them all!

Note: I realized when I was looking for vest photos that I am *really* attached to this cream colored holey sweater. I might need to retire it soon!

Untitled   Untitled   Untitled
Untitled    Untitled

Favorite Fall Movie
Harry Potter! I don’t care what movie from the series, I love the ALL!

Favorite Fall TV Show
Right now I living for Bob’s Burgers and How to Get Away With Murder!

Favorite Thanksgiving Food
Mashed potatoes! I could eat a whole meal of just potatoes for Thanksgiving. And don’t try to ruin it my potatoes with gravy. No thank you!

 Favorite Halloween Costume
Unfortunately, I played the role of Beer Fairy for about 5 years too many. What would have probably been my favorite costume is now just a fun memory. I desperately wish I had the talent for special fx make up so I will show you two YouTubers that have all the talent that I could only dream of having!


Glam & Gore


See ya on Wednesday with some of my favorite fall meals! Answer one of the favorites above or answer the questions on your blog and let me know!

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jen @nutcaseinpoint October 12, 2015 at 3:08 pm

Ah, I need to get into vest wearing! Now if only I had $ to shop for myself…


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