Update: Knee Surgery Recovery

by agirlandhermutt on October 20, 2015

Hi there! I’m all set with my lower body and ready to trade it in.

Despite that super cheery opener, I do have good news to report about my knee surgery recovery. I’m about 3 weeks post op. I progressed pretty quickly from crutches to a cane and now I’m just at using the cane when I know I’m going to be standing for quite some time or walk a lot. Luckily it is one of those collapsilbe canes that I can put in my backpack. Oh yea…I wear a backpack. I’m pretty much Dora the Explorer’s older sister.

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A quick breakdown: I have chondromalacia patella, which is a fancy word for cartilage damage. Part of my surgery was cleaning up all that cartilage so my knee doesn’t keep locking up and the other part was flatening out a wrinkle in my plica, a muscle under my kneecap. I think. It could be something else, but it was folded up a bit and was causing some serious discomfort.

So now I am in Physical Therapy two days a week. Fun! I can do almost all of the exercises with relatively no pain EXCEPT step-ups. I’ve never been good at step areobics so this shouldn’t have been a big surprise. I try so hard and I’m a sweaty mess after my 3 sets of 10 step-ups. Oh how the mighy have fallen!

Part of my therapy includes riding the bike. Originally, I could just do a half rotation. That ended up being SUPER fun because I do my PT on a bike in a regular gym so I don’t move fast enough to make the bike actually turn on. Instead it does that weird beeping noise and flashes “Pedal Faster” over and over and over at me. Way to both motivate me and really entertain my fellow gym go-ers. Just last week I upgraded to full rotations and can do that for about 5 minutes with no pain.

By the way, did I mention I signed up for a spinning clas next Wednesday? Ha. Good going Erin.

Overall, progress is good. I’m still experiencing a few issues but my surgeon wants to see how everything pans out over the next 3-4 weeks. I might still need to get a little cortisone shot. That will be festive.

Since I am not working out like I was before surgery I’ve been much more diligent about eating healthier. I’m down 10lbs since surgery so we are moving in the right direction.

Another part of my recovery is making fitness goals so that I have something to strive for over the winter. Obviously, my biggest one right now is to be able to walk down a flight of stairs. But after that I really want to be back in my spinning class. I miss that group atmosphere and Zumba seems like it will be a little further down the line.

I had huge visions of running a Disney half marathon. Specifically one where I could dress up as Minnie Mouse and my husband would dress as Mickey and have some stupid sign that says “I’m waiting for my Minnie!”. Heh. I’m not saying that will NEVER happen, but it won’t be happening in the very near future. For a variety of reasons really. 😉

What could definitely happens is for me to get more into biking. I’ve decided that next year will be the year of my bike. I was practically attached to it in 2014 and barely touched it in 2015. 2016 I WILL participate in a century ride. 100 miles of me and my bike. First, I need to buy a better bike. And also be able to ride for more than 5 minutes. Baby steps though!

Anyway, that is my update. I can’t lie…2015 has been a really tough year for me. Between getting sick, multiple surgeries and just the stress of every day life, I’m all set with 2015. However, I’m going to make these last few months count so that I can start 2016 on the right foot. And hopefully that foot is attached to a pedal!

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