Welcoming 2016!

by agirlandhermutt on January 11, 2016

Hey hey there! Welcome to 2016! Well, welcome to almost 12 days into the new year.

I celebrated the end of the year and the start of 2016 at Brooklyn Brewery with my husband. Untitled

We had a long weekend in Brooklyn and had a blast. Lots of great food, TONS of walking, a spin class and an all-to-brief lunch with my buddy, Meg. It was a great long weekend and the perfect way to start the year.


Unlike everyone else who started their resolutions on 1/1/16, I was in this kind of vacationland eating cotton candy bagels and funfetti cream cheese from The Bagel Shop. Life. is. good!


But it is back to work and I’m ready for a great year.

New Year=New Goals!

When I started writing this post I decided to check out the post that I made this time last year. Funny enough, I didn’t post till the 13th. I’m actually ahead of the game in 2016!

Last year I declared my focus word for the year to be “Positive”. My exact words were,

There will be stressful times. There will be hard times. There will be excellent times. But during ALL of those moments I want to focus on the positive and not let myself be consumed by the unknown. I want to enjoy what life throws me!

HA! *Excuse me while I drag myself off the floor from laughing.* Oh my gosh. Boy, I had NO idea how stressful and hard times would get. But believe it or not, I really focused on being positive and found refuge in my focus word. One thing I really find pride in was that during my hospitalization last February, many of the people I came into contact with throughout the day would comment on my positive attitude. My parents, my husband, my Drs, my nurses…they all mentioned that they were so impressed with my positive attitude. It felt good that people noticed my outlook and hopefully it helped them to be a little more positive during the day too. That doesn’t mean that there weren’t plenty of really, REALLY, down times, but I kept telling myself to be positive. The power of fake it till ya make it is real! At times being “positive” meant outwardly being positive to other people. Being a little nicer to those around me. Not assuming the worst in some situations. Other times being positive mean just being kind to myself. I wasn’t perfect last year and I had to remind myself that it was ok to fail sometimes.

So this year my family and I decided on a family focus phrase.



Ahhh. I just LOVE this. Just like being positive took on a different meaning at various points in the year, this phrase will do the same.

Live Well…stay on track with my diet, my exercise and realize that it is ok to say “no” to some things in order to meet my goals.

Live Well…take time to enjoy life. Enjoy an extravagant meal on vacation or for a celebration. Drink wine with my friends. A beer with my husband.

Live Well…go on vacation and not worry about missing anything back home, on social media, or at work.

Live Well…enjoy where I am right here and right now. Plan for the future, but don’t spend so much time planning that I don’t enjoy my life right in the moment.

Live Well…do things that I KNOW will eventually make me happy, but are super scary to start.

Live Well…sleep when needed. Wake up early when I should. Take naps when required.

Live Well…embrace my hobbies and dedicate time to them.

Live Well…value and give time to the important people in my life.

2015 was a tough transitional year for me. I feel like I finally became an adult. Adulting can be tough, but I realized that NOT adulting can be even tougher. I really want to take all those lessons learned in 2015 (both good and bad!) and put them into use for 2016. I want to LIVE WELL.


I hope you are having an excellent start to the new year!

Stay tuned for at least two more posts this month. 😉 I’m not promising more but I WILL have these. January goals and my 2015 favorites. My two favorite things to talk about!

See you soon!

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jen @nutcaseinpoint January 12, 2016 at 10:58 pm

That bagel looks out of this world!!!


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