August Goals

by agirlandhermutt on August 5, 2016

Alright. It is August. Whoa. We have 5 months until the end of the year. That means I have about 5 months to get my act together. This year has been such an improvement from crappy 2015, but whoa buddy…not my most dialed in year. I have had SO MUCH happen, almost all of it good, but I haven’t managed to accomplish a single goal that I set on New Year’s Day. Nice job Erin! I’ve been enjoying life to the fullest, which is great, but I need to get back into some balance. Either that or I’m going to have to buy all new pants. Which just isn’t an option. 😉

No more beating myself up, I’m just going to start from here. Nowhere to go but up, right? Think of a few more cheesy inspirational quotes and add them in here too.

My August goals is all about starting small and using this as my building point. Let’s go!



-Prep each night. Make sure lunches are put together, dinner ingredients are bought, work clothes are laid out and workout clothes are clean. No more eating out because I forgot to pack my lunch. No more not working out because my favorite capris smell like someone died in them. No more excuses.

-Get 7+ hours of sleep each night. I have always been a night owl. Even as a kid! As I get older though I can’t bounce back from no sleep as easily as I could when I was in my 20s. I get so tired during the day so I need a nap after work. That leads to no workout. That leads to me screwing around at the house instead of doing anything productive. A horrible circle of bad behavior.

-As part of my workout routine, get to spinning and yoga 1 time. They both make me feel so good and NEEDED. Yoga especially!

-No spending money on clothes. This one is for a variety of reasons, but mostly I don’t want to buy clothes when I’m unhappy with where I am weight-wise.

-I tend to stick to my comfort zone when I feel stressed or pressure, whether it be inside or outside of work. I signed up for rowing last month on a whim to just get myself out there and do something different and I LOVED IT. I just want to do that more often! Whether it is a new workout, or a new opportunity, I want to say yes to challenges so I can continue to be even more awesome. 😉


That is it. Nothing too hard, but a great starting point.


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Noelle Reese August 8, 2016 at 12:06 am

Rock star! You want to know how I get 7 hours of sleep every night? I quit drinking. I miss beer so much! But I go to bed earlier LOL <3


suki August 8, 2016 at 1:10 am

Great goals! Pretty hard to believe that it’s already the second half of the year and pretty soon we will be looking back on 2016 and wondering where it went. 🙂 I am definitely working on getting more sleep – I am also a night owl!


agirlandhermutt August 26, 2016 at 4:05 pm

Night Owls Unite! 🙂


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