32 While 32

The year I turned 27 (2007) I decided that I wanted to make a list of 27 things to do that year. Kind of a New Year’s Resolutions, but easier. Small, obtainable goals! Over the past few years I have done a decent job of having new adventures, trying new things and marking things off my To Do list every year. It is a fun way to challenge myself! I don’t take the list too seriously because the goal is to have fun and enjoy life.  I’ll update this list as the year progresses and hopefully you can watch me mark things off one by one!


1. Go on a proper picnic.
2. Visit the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.
3. Visit a state I haven’t been to before.
4. Visit an out of town friend. Done! NYC 3/30-4/1
5. Give someone flowers for no reason.
6. “Unplug” for one week at home. No computer, internet, or surfing on the phone.
7. Complete Project 365.
8. Have pictures of Korky taken. Done! Photos Taken 10/29!
9. Donate/Throw Out/Give Away 100 items. DONE! I got rid of TONS of stuff.
10. Attend a blogging conference.  Done! Food Blog Forum 3/12; Blog Better Boston 3/12; BlogHer12 8/8Health Living Summit 8/20
11. Go to the zoo.
12. Eat at a restaurant run by a former Top Chef contestant. Done! NYC 3/30
13. Film a YouTube video & post it. Done! Influenster VoxBox 7/20
14. Have “Discover the Neighborhood Day” on bike.
15. Run a 5k. DONE! The Color Run 5k 7/28
16. Create/Make 5 things from Pinterest. DONE! Rosettes 3/3Jello Shots 4/7; Turkey & Cheese Crescent Roll-Up 4/10Spicy Cheesy Chicken 8/23Honey Lime Shrimp 9/23; Cauliflower Pizza Crust 10/1
17. Go vegan for 1 week.
18. Make ravioli from scratch.
19. Learn to play chess. Done!
20. Learn the perfect cookie recipe by heart. Done!
21. Learn to cook a recipe from 10 different countries.
22. Read 12 books that are NOT part of book club. Done!
23. Take a ride in a hot air balloon. DONE! Hot Balloon Adventure 7/5/12
24. Visit 3 museums. Done!
25. Make at least 5 homemade gifts for friends. DONE! No-Sew Holiday Gift Bag 12/4/12
26. Take a sewing class. Done! Tote Bag Class 12/29/12
27. Document my CSA share experience each week. Kind of. I definitely started it, but made the decision not to continue.
28. Complete NROLFW.
29. Plan a surprise day for The Scientist.
30. Make a photobook of my favorite photos. Done!
31. Host a girls dinner party.- Eh. I didn’t, but I did host a number of other parties. I’ll add this one to the Spa Day AND Human Society!
32. Take Korky to the beach.  Done! Trip to South Boston 1/13/13

*A new feature to this list is that for every item I complete I will add $5 to the Spa Day Savings jar. For every item that I do not complete I will donate $5 to the Humane Society. <—Don’t worry. I donate on a regular basis, but this would be in addition to my yearly donation.

Want to know more about the X While X project? Check out my 30 While 30 list and 31 While 31 list!

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Meaghan March 29, 2012 at 7:52 am

Great idea! I just turned 32 this year as well. I think this is a great list of things to accomplish.



The Perky Poppy October 13, 2012 at 1:52 pm

I love this idea:) what a great way to make a reasonable list of things to do for the year:) The spa jar is a fabulous idea .. so is the humane society:) Love it:)


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