33 While 33

In 2007 on the day I turned 27 I created a list of 27 things I wanted to do before I turned 28. That little list has turned into an annual tradition! Kind of a New Year’s Resolutions, but easier. Small, obtainable goals! Over the past few years I have done a decent job of having new adventures, trying new things and marking things off my To Do list every year. I don’t take the list too seriously because the goal is to have fun and enjoy life, but I do enjoy writing DONE!  Be sure to check back in every now and then to see how I’m doing on marking these items off one by one!

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1.    Visit the Mysic Aquarium.
2.    Travel to a new state. Done! Utah for the Blend Retreat!
3.    Visit a zoo.  Done! 6/28 San Diego Zoo
4.    Read 15 non-book club books.
5.    Do something musical (learn an instrument, attend an opera, etc)
6.    Sew 5 items.
7.    Complete 3 30-day challenges. 1.Spend Less May! 2. Dry in July
8.    Learn to bake macaroons and take them to a party.
9.    Try 33 different beers and/or wines. GABF!!!
10.  Run a 5k…again.- Electric Run
11.   Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
12.   Eat at a Tom Colichio restaurant.
13.   Try 3 new-to-me workouts.- TRX; Ultimate Boot Camp; Summer Shred!; Flywheel; Indoor Rock Climbing
14.   Participate in a murder mystery dinner.
15.   Learn to play poker.
16.   Organize, scan and store old photos.
17.   See the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.
18.   Take Korky on a day trip.
19.   Buy a car!
20.   Make 5 non-recipe Pinterest items.
21.    Take 3 hikes.- Red Rocks & Chautauqua
22.    Have a proper picnic.
23.    Go vegan for a week.
24.    Become scuba certified.
25.    Really learn to ride my bike (gears, change tire, etc).
26.    Try 5 new foods.
27.    Host a DIY salad & pizza night.
28.    Learn to open a coconut.
29.    Walk to Mordor.
30.    Make at least 1 dish from each of my cookbooks.
31.    Learn to make dog treats that Korky will actually enjoy.
32.    Eat lobster in Maine.
33.    Go skydiving!

For the items that I accomplish I get $5 towards a new bag fund. I’m thinking some top notch Michael Kors of some type. For those that I do not accomplish I will add $5 towards a donation to the Merwin Memorial Free Animal Clinic. <—Don’t worry. I donate on a regular basis, but this would be in addition to my yearly donation.

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