36 While 36

In 2007 on the day I turned 27 I created a list of 27 things I wanted to do before I turned 28. That little list has turned into an annual tradition! Kind of a New Year’s Resolutions, but easier. Small, obtainable goals! Over the past few years I have done a decent job of having new adventures, trying new things and marking things off my To Do list every year. I don’t take the list too seriously because the goal is to have fun and enjoy life, but I do enjoy writing DONE! Be sure to check back in every now and then to see how I’m doing on marking these items off one by one!

New year, New list! Want to see previous lists?

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1. Visit the Arboretum.
2. Eat at every single Barbara Lynch restaurant.
3. Watch a Red Sox game at the Bleacher Bar.
4. Visit a new city in New England.
5. Check out the Skywalk Observatory.

6. Complete a Whole30 challenge.
7. Attend 1 fitness class a month with my husband.
8. Participate in a biking event.
9. Take a class at every Pure Barre studio in Mass.
10. Learn to do a headstand.
11. Ride my bike to work.
12. Hike to a waterfall.

13. Visit Australia.
14. See the Grand Canyon.
15. Go camping.
16. Take a girls only trip.
17. Go to an outdoor concert.
18. Finally get to Waterfire.
19. Spend a night in a unique Air BnB.
20. See an opera.
21.Be in a tv show audience.
22. See a Ted Talk.

23. Take a photography class.
24. Try a new craft.
25. Complete the PopSugar Must Have Reading Challenge.
26. Treat myself to a spa day!
27. No spend 1 week each month.
28. Take a meditation class.
29. Figure out my “go to” meal or dish to take to a party.

30. Redo my KonMari purging.
31. Print and display beach photos.
32. Go for a walk 2 nights a week after dinner.
33. Add a new furry friend to our family.

34. Create a capsule wardrobe for 1 month.
35. Document my OOTD (outfit of the day) for 1 month.
36. Create a homemade beauty product.


So that is that! As in previous years, for every I item I complete, $5 will go towards something fun (TBD later!). For every item I don’t complete, $5 will go towards a donation to the an animal centric charity (TBD soon). (As always, I donate year round to a variety of charities. This is just for fun and another way for me to donate. )