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Weekend Recap: Kettlebells, CSA & Scallops!

by agirlandhermutt on September 10, 2012

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? When I sat down to write this post I had to think *really* hard about what I did all weekend long. Is that a good or bad sign? I’m going back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the week so I’m going to go with good. I mean, how hard could last week have been anyway. I spent 3 days of it on vacation!

iPhone photos to the rescue.


Sushi, sushi, sushi! I’ve been dying to get my hands on these little rolls since I got back from Florida.

The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and listening to the rain storm. Korky gets all lovey when it rains so I love that weather!


I was up bright & early for my very FIRST kettlebells class. Holy crap. Someone could have given me a heads up that this class is brutal. We did the following circuit:

6 rounds!
-8 deadlifts
-10 two-handed swings
-8 squats
-8 decline pushups (off a step)
-25 step overs
-8 incline pushups (on a step)
10 rounds!
-5 box jumps
-5 burpees
-25 Russian twists

I thought I might be dying by the time it ended. I was sweating up a storm and actually had to wipe up the area around my station when the class was done. I LOVED IT! When I got home I immediately whipped up my favorite post-workout snack, Chocolate Coconut Water & 1 packet of Perfect Fit protein powder.


I wanted to nap, but I was in charge of the veggies pick-up for the CSA. Usually Karen and I go during the week, but neither of us could make it so I did a Saturday pick-up.

The farm was bumpin’ but I did manage to rummage through the tomatillos patch to get some goodies.

CSA Week 13 (Full Share!)

-swiss chard
-red peppers
-zucchini & yellow squash
-nappa cabbage
-jalapeno peppers
-dill & basil


The rest of the day I just rolled around the house complaining about how tired I was and hard I worked. No good deed goes unnoticed in my house. 😉

That night I decided I wanted to bust out a recipe that I’ve been dying to try, Steamy Kitchen’s Scallops n’ Pasta. Even though I have a huge love of seafood, I’ve never made scallops. I always thought they had to be hard to cook since the folks on Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef are constantly screwing it up. Nope. No it is not hard to make them. Get with it pros!

I followed the directions on how to cook the scallops exactly as written and they came out perfectly. Just a touch of sear on them and perfectly cooked through. Not chewy at all!

For my version of the recipe I used Trader Joe’s Garlic Basil pasta and added Aidell’s Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage to the mix.


This whole meal was so decadent, but light at the same time. The sauce of wine and garlic was such a lovely little surprise at the bottom of the bowl.

After eating dinner I found this little gem in my living room. I have no idea how Korky got a hold of this carrot, but apparently he is not a fan of organic.

Picky dog.


Obviously I did 2 things on Sunday. Beer and Football. Done and Done.



Monday is here before we know it and I have a busy week ahead of me. I hope you guys had a good weekend!

Are you a football watcher? What is your team?


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Recipe: Spicy Cheesy Chicken & CSA Week 11

by agirlandhermutt on August 23, 2012

If Karen doesn’t return from vacation soon she might find me buried under a sea of vegetables. You think I’m kidding, but my CSA is slowly taking over my house.

On Tuesday I stopped by the farm to pick up our CSA share for Week 11. I walked in empty handed and I left with ARMFULS of vegetables. If you follow me onFacebook or Twitter (if you don’t, then get on that! no seriously. do it. 😉 ) then you got a glimpse of my tomato haul. ALL 10 POUNDS!

I only got through about 3 pounds of the 7 lbs for week 10 so far, so I officially have about 14 lbs of tomatoes. Good grief.

CSA Week 11 (Whole Share!)

-several lbs red potatoes
-1 eggplant
-4 cucumbers
-5 yellow & green squash
-2 heads lettuce
-1 bunch collard greens
-1 bunch dinosaur kale
-1 pint okra
-6 ears corn
-10 lbs tomatoes

This week I decided not to do the Pick-Your-Own. I had more than enough and decided to just leave more for the other shareholders. My fridge wouldn’t close if I picked more either!


I was roasting and grilling up a bunch of the veggies from my haul for lunch and the weekend so I decided to make use of the oven being hot last night. You know, if the oven is already on I better take advantage of it. It doesn’t happen to often during the summer in a non-air conditioned house.

Spicy Cheesy Chicken with Grilled Green Beans & Roasted Potato Chips

I’m in love with the whole chicken rollatini dish and this was a play on that. The thinly sliced chicken breast make it so easy to “stuff” and get a nice mix of ingredients into the dish. I got my start from this recipe from Pinterest.

In the Mix:
-4 thinly sliced chicken breasts
-4 wedges of Laughing Cow Light Queso Fresco & Chipotle cheese (or any cream cheese)
-1/2 tbsp Lemon & Pepper seasoning
-1/2 tbsp garlic powder
-1/2 cup Wholly Guacamole Red Pepper Mango Salsa (or any other fruit salsa)
-1 bell pepper, chopped
-1 jalapeno, seeds removed and diced

*Mix together cheese, seasoning, garlic powder, jalapeno, and 4 tbsp of the salsa in a bowl.

*Place about 2 tbsp of the cheese mixture at the top of each chicken breast and roll to close. Place seam side down in baking dish.

*Use the rest of the cheese mixture to run on top of the chicken rolls. Top with the chopped peppers.

*Bake at 450 degrees for 25 minutes uncovered. Pull out of oven and top each chicken breast with 1 tbsp of the salsa. Bake for 3-5 more minutes.


For the potatoes (from my CSA) I just sliced them to be about 1/4 inch thick, sprayed them with a little cooking spray and sprinkled garlic powder and pepper all over them. I baked them in the oven with the chicken for the same amount of time.

The green beans were an experiment of cooking them on the grill. They were really good and I love the char the grill gives them! I just need to work on seasoning them a bit more.


So a few more veggies are out of the fridge and I’m almost out of the potential hazard zone. I’m still juicing away and using the cucumbers in almost one of them. Not gonna lie. I’m over cucs. This weekend I have big plans to make salsa, tomato pie (thanks for the recipe Brandy!), gazpacho, and a few other tomatoey goodies. So hopefully by Sunday I’m down a few pounds. 😉

What is your favorite vegetable?! I’m a cauliflower girl all the way.

Have a great day! See ya tomorrow with a video!


CSA Week 10 & Potluck at the Farm

by agirlandhermutt on August 15, 2012

Last night the farm where Karen and I have a CSA share put together a potluck dinner and stargazing night immediately following the veggie pick-up time. No stars were seen, but plenty of potlucking was done.

First, we had to gather the veggies for the week though. Karen is going on vacation (take me with you!) so I have all the veggies to myself for the next few weeks. Whoa. In addition to the items the farmers pick for us, they also have a “Pick Your Own” list that lets the shareholders go out into the farm and pick certain items. This week had EPIC amounts of tomatoes including 3 pints of plum tomatoes, 4 pints of yellow grape tomatoes and 2 pints of red grape tomatoes. INSANE. This was in addition to the regular tomatoes that the farmers picked for us.


CSA Week 10 (The whole share!)


-7 lbs of tomatoes (!!!)
-dinosaur kale
-green & gold zucchini

This week’s pick-your-own, including my eggs from my egg share. I didn’t even take half of what you could pick because there was no way I would use it all in one week.

-green beans
-yellow grape tomatoes
-plum tomatoes
-husk cherries
-serrano and jalapeno peppers
-basil and dill


Once the veggie pick-up was down we chowed down. I’ll share what I contributed tomorrow with a fun, easy and delicious recipe! All of the items people brought were delicious. Most were vegan and the rest vegetarian.

The winning dish for me for the night wasn’t really a dish at all, but a cookie. A quinoa cookie to be exact. Holy Moly these were good. I *must* find this recipe!

These apple sauce cake bites weren’t far behind as my 2nd favorite. They were tart and moist and just lovely.

It was a wonderful night at the farm and I’m so glad that the weather cooperated. Now…I’m off to figure out what to do with 7lbs of tomatoes!


Have a great day and if you have any recipes for tomatoes (or a quinoa cookie!) that you want to share, pass them along!

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