30 While 30

Take a minute to stop and relax…

by agirlandhermutt on November 4, 2010

Yesterday I was feeling super busy. Rush, rush, rush! I needed to take a minute to stop…relax…and get a pedicure. My feets needed some help and I was oh so happy to oblige.

I snagged a great deal through Groupon a few months back for a pedicure and the expiration date was approaching quickly. I locked down an appointment and got excited! On the way there I stopped for a Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. I’m not a hot coffee drinker normally and just occasionally indulge in iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts. However, I know winter has arrived when Starbucks busts out with their holiday cups.

My fave way to order my hot chocolate:

-Skim Milk
-No whip cream

This little 8oz delight packs a punch for just 160 calories. Mmm, mmm, good!

When I got home I was feeling chilly and ready for some comfort food.

Hello Slow Stuffed Peppers! Capitalizing on my love for my slow cooker, I took this classic dish and made it even easier than before. Set it and forget it (at least for a few hours)!

In the mix (Serves 2):
-2 peppers
-2 tbsp tomato sauce
-1 cup brown rice, cooked
-1 cup black beans
-1/2 red onion, diced
-1 tbsp shredded mozzarella cheese
-1 tsp chili powder
-1 tsp salt
-1 tsp pepper

*I also added some leftover chopped up green onions. You could easily add corn and other veggies to this too.*

* Cut the top off of 2 peppers and clean out the inside.

*In a bowl, combine all ingredients. Stuff peppers with mixture and place in slow cooker.

*Resist the urge to eat the peppers right from the cooker.

*Add 1/4 cup water and set on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6 hours. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine. Hey, hey…good lookin’ manicure, huh?!

*Check your peppers around 3 hours. Depending on the size of the pepper it could take longer to cook.

*When the peppers are ready the peppers will be soft, but still in tact. The house will smell fantastic. You will be starving.

*Wondering where that pretty little orange pepper is? Well, I let my peppers go a little too long and the orange one got soft and decided to have a party all on its own. Tastes good…didn’t look so good. Yay for the yellow pepper! Way to stay strong!

I’m telling ya, this slow cooker is AWE-SOME! I’m excited to try out a few more random things over the next week. I predict lasagna and a few more soups in my future.

Q: Who is ready for Friday?! I’m not typically a wish the week away type of gal, but this week…I am ready to get it over with!


Starting off on the right foot…

by agirlandhermutt on November 2, 2010

Yesterday I started off the week AND the month of November with a good ol’ Martini Monday! The girls and I headed over to Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square.

We started off with a few drinks. I went for a little flash back to my time in London with the “Battle of Trafalgar”.

Mmm, mmm good.

While I was perusing the menu looking for my dinnah I noticed this little tidbit about the restaurant.

I love that they try to stay as local as possible. Way to support your community RHT!

I went for a “Short Dirty Ceasar Salad”.  Get a load of all that cheese! I only ate about half and saved the rest for later.

My main meal was a pizza with figs, a soft cheese, and crispy basil. Deeeelllliiicious! Half went home for me to be chowed down for lunch the next day.

On another note….

I’m taking a que from Beth over at Beth’s Journey and Gracie over at Girl Meets Life and I’m making some goals for November. If you have been around for a bit, you know that I LOVE lists and goals. My 30 While 30 list is a perfect example. We only have 2 more months in the year and I’m going to make them count and also help myself stay sane during the holiday months!


1. Get Christmas cards together. This is one of my 30 While 30 goals and I’m determined to get this done early AND right. In previous years my cards have ranged anywhere from handmade (AW-SOME!) to non existent. This year I want to take the time to pick cards that I love for those that I love who are miles away. I’m not a card for every kid in the neighborhood type of person, but I do love to let my peeps across the miles know that I’m thinking of them. 🙂

2. Sign up for a cooking class. This is another from the 30 While 30 list. I am thinking a pasta making class is in the cards. The Scientist has agreed that this sounds like fun so I’m running with it!

3. Gym 3x/week. I’ve been SUPAH busy these past few weeks and my gym visiting has been sporadic. I want to make a schedule and stick to it. I always do better that way. When will I learn?! OH YEAH! RIGHT NOW!

4. Keep up with my laundry. As strange as this sounds, I have a serious laundry issue happening in my life. I’m not sure why I’ve always struggled with this problem. Possibly a phobia? My goal is to conquer it for the month. Maybe it will become a habit? At least I will have clean tights on a regular basis.

5. Drink 3 of big ol’ bottles of water a day. I used to drink TONS of water at work, but then I broke my cute little bottle. I’ve been getting by with my glass, but this is NOT the most appropriate thing to be carrying around all day.

I’ve replaced it with a fun new bottle and I’m ready to go!

Small, but obtainable goals. I know for a fact that setting a goal will work for me and since I have you guys to answer to it will be even bettah!

Do you make goals? Any goals for your November?


Repeat! (Day 125)…

by agirlandhermutt on May 6, 2010

My lunch is going to look REALLY familiar. Hello black bean burgers with pineapple salsa. This recipe is nuts and makes a TON of these yummy little burgers. They held up great when reheating and tasted just as good as the first night I made them. Although the pineapple salsa looks a little messy, it still tastes quite fresh. I think the trick is the crunchy jicama.

I’ve also fallen in love with a new yogurt. I usually just eat a greek yogurt and call it a day, but when I was a the grocery store the other day The Scientist convinced me to give the Light n’ Fit Apple Pie yogurt a try. Whooo wee! It was so yummy! I hope it stays in the store for a bit longer.

I had big plans for Thursday night that involved me sitting on the couch enjoying some tv while rotating some laundry loads. Are you jealous of my life yet? To start the night off right I cracked open this jar of “salsa”. I love the idea of salsas made out of a variety of products. I love corn so I thought I would love this stuff.

See where it says “touch of heat”? What they really mean is “SUPER BURN YOUR MOUTH HOT!” Seriously. This stuff is SO spicy that I could barely eat it. I thought about throwing the whole thing away but instead I’ll mix it into some meal creation that The Scientist will finally think has enough “spice” to it. Problem solved. I did discover these Baked Blue Corn Tortilla chips though. I tend to stay away from TJs chips because most of them I find lacking in flavor. These were perfect! Definitely on the TJs buy again list.

After about 30 minutes of just sitting around I got the urge to fire up the stove and do some cooking. I had found a great sounding “Smoke Gouda Mac & Cheese” recipe on Cooking Light’s website some time ago that I’ve been meaning to make. I did a some rooting around in my pantry to find the ingredients and got to work. Nothing would be complete without me attempting to modify it with the potential for disaster.
While I was cooking I sipped on my last glass from my boxed wine. I swear this stuff got better everyday.

I started to break down the box to recycle and noticed there was a *tiny* bit left in the bag. No worries though. I set that extra wine free!



Back to dinner…

The Cast of Characters:
whole wheat bread crumbs, flour, whole grain rotini, shredded smoked gouda blend, 
red pepper, scallions, garlic, butter, fat free milk, salt & pepper
The original recipe asked for 2 cloves of garlic. Puh-lease! Double that and then we are talking.

Check out my little garlic obsession!

Creating my cheese sauce.

Adding in my “Parm Cheese” made out of nutritional yeast!
Before the breadcrumbs

After the breadcrumbs. I got a little heavy handed. Oops!

To pair with my yummy mac& cheese I decided to give the Clean Food Sesame Carrots a try. I’m typically not a carrot fan, but I had all the characters on hand so I thought I would give it a try.

Gettin’ the carrots ready
The meal all done!  

Instead of doing spinach as the recipe asks for, I used red peppers and green onions. What a lovely combo. I’m so excited to also have marked down another meal done for my 30 While 30!

I ended up making my meal a romantic meal for one. I even had a chance to catch on some emails and listen to some good music.

For my final work of the night I decided to make some dessert. Enter Banana Soft Serve w/ Chocolate Sauce.

For the soft serve, just food process the crap out of some frozen bananas. I cut my bananas in half before I freeze them so I used 2 packages or 1 large whole banana. For the chocolate sauce I mixed a little agave sweeter with cocoa powder. 

It may not look the best, but it was just the right amount of sweetness and was perfect to end a fun little night!

I’m stuffed. I’m tired. I’m ready for bed! Hope you all have a great Friday!

G’night kids!