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January Goals Update and New February Goals!

by agirlandhermutt on February 1, 2012

Hello friends! Its officially MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I love February!

Since it is the first of the month it is time to buckle down and see how I did with those monthly goals and move onwards with new goals!


January Goals

1. Take lunch to work every day.- Kind of. I didn’t take it every single day, but I only missed about 3 times total. Not bad, huh? This particular goals wasn’t that realistic since there are time where I do enjoy going out to lunch with my co-workers or friends. The all or nothing approach just doesn’t work for me.

2. Practice yoga at least 2x/week.- YEP! I’m so glad to be back to a regular practice schedule. I’d love to try a local studio and The Scientist said he would be into going.

3. Mark 2 items off the 31W31 list.-YES! I need to do a little updating on the page, but I made some progress here.

5.  Identify 100 things that make me  happy- DONE!
18. Make a font out of my handwriting- DONE!
23. Make a birthday cake for someone.- KIND OF! But with a little bit of a disaster ending. I made a cake for my friend Karen, but it just didn’t work. Waahhhh! It is the thought that counts?

4. No clothing purchases until Feb 1st.- Maybe? Do 2 belts count? I bought them in a moment of frenzy shopping at Target. oops!

5. Find a photography class to take online.- Kind of! I found a great class online that I had heard about, but then my camera broke. Now I am doing a lot of debating on the type and style of camera I want to get. The class starts the beginning of March so I really need to decide. As a bonus, I did sign up for an ASL class!

Overall- A great month! I set out to accomplish some small little goals and I did. Woot!


Next up?! Birthday Month Goals!


1. Stick with NROLFW schedule 2-3x/week. I got the book New Rules of Lifting for Women about two weeks ago and I’ve been doing it faithfully. I’m really enjoying the program and I can already see some progress. I’m  also slowly pulling folks into the cult following.

2. Get my Scentsy business up and running! I’m officially a Scentsy Independent Consultant and while I don’t want this to become a part-time job kind of thing, I would like to make the most out of it. Seriously. Who doesn’t love the smell and effect of a candle without all that fear of burning down your house?! I’ll probably do a post on this in the future if you are interested in learning more (or you can email me). If you are already a fan and looking for someone to buy from, check out my site here. Bonus=10% off tons of products in February! No pressure kids. Just doing this for fun. 🙂

3. Finish up as much as I can from the 31W31 list before Feb 13th (my birthday). Eek! 32 is around the corner.

4. Come up with my 32W32. Yep, I’m doing it again. Hopefully with even more success.

5. Track my food in the fun little WW program at least 5 days a week. I track in my head on some days but this just isn’t the same as doing it for real. Suddenly I forget that extra piece of cheese or little bite of chocolate.

6. Go to a WW meeting every single week. I’m having a lot of success right now and I find that weighing in at the meetings is helping. Ugh. I can’t tell you how much I don’t enjoy the meetings, but they do work for me.

7. No make-up purchases till March 1st. I bought myself a pretty nice birthday present so I need to lay low in this area.

8.  ENJOY MY BIRTHDAY! I love celebrating and I love celebrating my birthday even more. I think this comes from my lifetime of being an only child. I wasn’t spoiled unnecessarily as a kid, but I was raised to think my birthday could be a national holiday. 😉 Kidding…kind of.

Phew…quite a few goals, but all doable. Right? RIGHT!


Do you have any big goals for February? Any other February birthdays out there? 


December Goals Update and New January Goals!

by agirlandhermutt on January 3, 2012

Hola friends! 2012 started out with a bang. I did a little laying on my couch, a little laying in my bed, playing with Korky and drinking a few beers. It was crazy busy around here!

I know that the past few posts have been update posts and this one isn’t going to be any different. Don’t worry. I’m almost done! Here is a little update on my December goals and some new January goals. Woot woot for some new goals, right?!


December Goals
I didn’t do too shabby this month. Definitely room for improvement, but I’m on the right track!

1. Mark 2 items off my 31 While 31 list.
-1/2 done. I marked off #10 Watch sunrise at the beach (from 30W30 list) and started #5 Identify 100 things that make me happy.

2. Mail out Christmas cards by December 9th.

3. Hit the gym 3x/week and include at least 2 strength training sessions a week in there.
Kind of. I did it all the way until I left for the cruise and then I slacked off the last week of the year. I’m back to the gym already though and kicking butt.

4. No buying new clothes until December 31st.
Kind of. I did buy a tshirt on the cruise, but does that really count?!

5. No buying snacks at work.
Again, did pretty good until I came back from the cruise and then I totally slacked off. Eh. Not to bad.

6. Plan a Holiday Dinner for friends!
Done! The girls and I had a wonderful holiday dinner. We had yummy food, lots of laughs, and I had an awesome wine.

7. Track all meals & snacks for WW 5x/week!
Done until the cruise and then it was totally no tracking whatsoever. Oops.

8. ENJOY CHRISTMAS and all the wonderful things that are going to go with the holiday!
Done! Done! Done!


The beginning of the year is always a little hectic so I’m keeping the goals for January kind of small and easy to accomplish. Lets get the month started!

1. Take lunch to work every day.

2. Practice yoga at least 2x/week.

3. Mark 2 items off the 31W31 list.

4. No clothing purchases until Feb 1st.

5. Find a photography class to take online.


Its back to a regular schedule now after a little over 2 weeks of relaxing and enjoying time off. Menu planning is done. Clothes are washed. Bag is packed. I’m ready to get to it!



November Goals Update and Making December Goals!

by agirlandhermutt on December 1, 2011

Hello December! The weather is a bit warmer than normal and I’m loving it. The beginning of the month means a quick recap on my monthly goals and setting some new ones. Ready?!


November Goals

This month wasn’t a total bust and I’m pretty proud of myself. It always seems like the months just fly by near the end of the year, but I still managed to fit in some goal obtaining.

1. Make 1 new recipe a week.

Kind of. I definitely tried a few during Thanksgiving Week. I also shared my fave sushi bowls. There were a few other new recipes that went unpictured. So there definitely wasn’t a lot of newness in my life this month.

2. Read 1 non-fiction and 1 fiction book that has nothing to do with teen literature.

Almost. I read a few memoirs, including Mindy Kaling’s book and Adam Carolla’s book. Parts of those have some fiction in them, right?! I started a few fiction books, but just couldn’t seem to get into any of them.

3. Get to the gym 3x/week.

YES! I even started trying to hit the gym in the morning a few times a week. I might have a few rants about the gym, but in general I’m learning to enjoy being a regular there.

4. Mark off 1 item from my 31 While 31 list.

Yes and a half! Thanks to my buddy, Meg, I managed to squeeze out half of #27 to have a new ethnic food experience by eating South African food at Braai during The Scientist’s birthday weekend. Also, while we were in NYC I marked off #31 See a Play. We went to see The Book of Mormon and it was everything I hoped it could be!

5. Complete Christmas shopping. I don’t have much to buy but I want to be prepared.

Oh yea buddy. No specifics though. Nosey people read this. 😉

6. Plan a fun birthday getaway from The Scientist!

Yes, Yes, Yes! NYC was a blast!

7. Donate clothes to Goodwill.

Not exactly. No excuses. I hate going through clothes. Can I hire someone to do this for me?!


I’m loving the whole setting monthly goals. Creating small, obtainable goals helps me to get things done and feel more accomplished at the end of the month. Almost like creating a path, you know? This is the last month of the year so I’m going to do the goals again and end the year right!

December Goals

1. Mark 2 items off my 31 While 31 list. I only have a few more months to finish the list up!

2. Mail out Christmas cards by December 9th.

3. Hit the gym 3x/week and include at least 2 strength training sessions a week in there.

4. No buying new clothes until December 31st. Seriously…see #3 to see why.

5. No buying snacks at work. They are typically pretty healthy snacks but there is no reason I can’t bring them myself and enjoy a few extra bucks in my pocket as a result.

6. Plan a Holiday Dinner for friends!

7. Track all meals & snacks for WW 5x/week! Weekends are still a little tough so I’m working on small goals right now.

8. ENJOY CHRISTMAS and all the wonderful things that are going to go with the holiday!


Will you be making any goals for December? Do you send out holiday cards?